Contemporary Rugs are the item that can transform a room completely. As a new year begins, you look back to the best interior designs that were a success in 2021 thanks to these rugs. Sophisticated ambients with a splash of color and unique rug designs, that’s what Rug’society always aims for.

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Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Rugs That Decorate The Best Interior Designs of 2021

Here is a selection of the best rugs and interior designs that made any ambiance exquisite and refined in 2021. It is important to notice that contemporary rugs are designed to be outstanding in any space they belong to with amazing contrast of colors, patterns, and geometric designs.

Contemporary Rugs: The Best Interior Designs of 2021

Modern minimal hallway in gray tones with Agatha rug

This interior is one of the best of 2021 thanks to the amazing AGATHA Rug that decorates the floors of this modern hallway beautifully. The two golden wall lights add some elegance to this ambient and create a fabulous interior.


Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs -  Agatha Rug

Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs - lounge Deco Rug in Hallway with neutral colors

A Dashing Hotel Hallway with the Lounge DÊCO Rug. This amazing interior has an unusual design that you surely won’t be able to resist. Customized to fit this interior perfectly from its size to its color. This customization is part of Rug’Society’s “Design Service that you can ask for.

Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs with Kleopatra rug with vibrant colors in this modern hallway

A vibrant and colorful oval rug, the KLEOPATRA Rug is inspired by the Ptolemaic Kingdom’s ruler of the same name. This rug is a work of art with its great mixture of colors such as sky blue, deep orange and pale mustard color. These tones complement each other beautifully, creating an amazing art piece that is worthy of its namesake.


Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs kleopatra rug

Modern classic closet with Simba Rug

A modern and elegant ambient with the delightful SIMBA Rug that has a combination of several graphic elements, a mixture of patterns which makes this modern rug exclusive and irreverent. The SIMBA Rug stands out for the harmony between its different elements. This rug also has a very uniform palette of colors, using predominately gray and orange tones.

Contemporary Rugs

Modern contemporary living room with White Garden Rug

This modern contemporary living room is simply beautiful for its neutral color palette and soft carpet: The White Garden Rug brings elegance and delicacy to any room thanks to its soft cream beige color and simple pattern.


Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs -  white garden rug

Modern Reading corner with Xisto rug

The XISTO Rug decorates this luxurious living room with a dark style beautifully. This interior combines a modern style with a vintage one. The Modernity of the Rug contrasts with the Versaille Armchair of the Boca do Lobo. The XISTO Rug brings a strong finish and some color to illuminate the living room.

Elegant luxurious dining room with Imperial Snake Rug amd nº11 chairs

A fabulous and luxurious Dining room with an ideal ethereal look in a white and gold ambiance. The Imperial Snake Rug adds to this majestic ambiance paired with Boca do Lobo’s sublime LAPIAZ Sideboard and Nº11 golden Chairs. Contemporary rugs such as this one are meant to turn a simple dining room into a dashing space.


Best Interior Designs Of 2021 With Contemporary Rugs Imperial snake rug

Modern luxurious living room with Ruin Rug

A Luxurious living room in tones of beige and gray. The Ruin Rug is perfect for its neutral and detailed design. Inspired by the beauty of the ruins and historical artifacts, this rug is meant to reflect the past and the importance of remembering it. It is one of the best contemporary rugs because of it.

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