Living Room Rugs can be an easy way to decorate your living room and turn it into a dazzling ambient with gorgeous designs and patterns. Rug’Society has a wide selection of modern contemporary rugs that can fit any style and any color. Each product is also customizable. Let yourself be inspired by this selection of rugs.

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20 Handmade Modern Contemporary Living Room Rugs

Modern contemporary rugs are elegant and typically minimalist, they are meant to be functional but fancy as well. Find the greatest living room rugs made with high-end materials to guarantee durability and quality. A rug can definitely set the mood of a room and give it personality.

Modern Contemporary Living Room Rugs

modern living room air rug with blue velvet sofa, essex armchair and gold center table

A luxurious living room with a fabulous elegant gray rug paired with a golden center table and beige armchair. The Air rug stands out for its three-dimensional pattern and shades of gray. It pairs perfectly with a modern or contemporary living room style.

modern mid-century with agatha rug and round center rable with blue velvet armchairs

Living room rugs such as the Agatha rug create a magical ambient with their abstract pattern and colors. This area rug matches with the blue mid-century armchairs as well as the center table. This is a beautiful living space with a harmonious color palette.

Contemporary living room with Antelope Rug

The Antelope rug is one of the best living room rugs for its geometric pattern and monochrome colors with a touch of light brown. Warm tones create a cozy and welcoming living room.

modern living room with Yarsa Rug

This luxury living room has a stunning rug with a lovely design. The Yarsa Rug is a bestseller that is perfect for a modern interior design. Black and white living room rugs are easy to match and create a timeless style. With a rug like this, your living room will never get out of style.

midcentury living room with oscar rug, blue bourbon sofa and center table

What a dashing mid-century living room interior design with the amazing Oscar Rug. This rug was inspired by the art movement of cubism and has geometric forms meant to represent a human form. Artistic living room rugs bring personality to your interior and make it stand out.

savana rug in modern classic living room with supernova chandelier and center table with gray sofa

Modern living room rugs are able to create a luxurious ambient with their sleek patterns and straight lines. The Savana Rug is a beautiful modern rug in black and white. It has a touch of color to balance out the tern monochromatic palette. The golden details of the room add to the luxurious vibe that the rug provides,

contemporary living room in neutral tones with Terrazzo Rug

Contemporary living room in neutral tones with the great Terrazzo Rug. These rugs with these beige and neutral color colors tend to create a soft aura in an interior design. The light pink-beige mid-century sofa paired with this rug manages to turn this living room into a cozy ambient.

urban inkblind in modern living room with white armchair and standing lamp

Here we have a more urban lifestyle interior with the Inkblind rug inspired by the art of graffiti. These types of modern living room rugs are meant to enhance a modern-styled living space.

modern living room with Palm rug and 2 sofas and hanging lights

The Palm rug is a gorgeous area rug, its stripes are meant to reflect the leaves of palm trees and remind us of nature. Thus rug fits perfectly in a modern minimalist design interior.

minimalist living room with white area rug and beige sofa with hanging light

A neutral-colored living room with cream sofas and a gray area rug highlights the space left free in the room. This living room reflects the functionality of each element present in this interior. The golden lights and center table come to give a little personality to this space and make it more prestigious.

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The Finest Living Room Rugs

all-neutral living room with beige area rug and center table with silver hanging lights

Modern mid-century living room in warm earthy tones. This room expresses comfort and peace. This space is beautiful for the combination of mid-century items such as the sofa and modern furniture such as the center table and the rug.

mid-century living room with area rug, square center table, mid-century armchairs

A beautiful living room with a gray area rug, a rectangular coffee table, and mid-century armchairs. This space has only the essentials in order to focus on its functionality. The blue sofa brings a touch of color with its vibrant blue while the armchairs balance it our with a more sober color.

modern contemporary living room with brown rug, center table and white armchairs

A cozy living room with an area rug and white armchairs. The center table and white-cream armchairs stand out in this darker room for their light color. These type of living room rugs are meant to let the other elements of the room shine.

mud-century contemporary living room with light brown rug and center table with gray armchair

A bright living room with a neutral-colored rug with a nice pattern. There is a mixture of styles in this room with a mid-century armchair, modern silver hanging lights and contemporary center table. Nonetheless, all of these elements come together to create perfect harmony.

luxurious living room with gray area rug, round hanging lights and golden center table

Luxurious living room rugs are made to match the furnishing of the room. The gold center table and hanging lights shine upon this rug design and highlight it. The white sofas also fit this ambient with their neutral colors.

white living room with vintage style and round rug

Elegant round living room rugs are great for an interior design with a lot of circular shapes. Here we have not only a round rug but a round center table, and armchairs. Circular shapes are known to be comforting and welcoming.

The Best Handmade Modern Contemporary Living Room Rugs

A lovely living room with an area rug that covers the floors of this huge living space. The color palette of this room is a soft blue which creates a serene and peaceful ambiance.

The Best Handmade Modern Contemporary Living Room Rugs

To finish we have a modern contemporary living room with a large carpet that covers the entire floor. This rug is of light colors which leads to the darker furniture standing out.

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