Elif Arslan is the guest of the most recent edition of Design Talks. This is a project born from Home’Society desire to explore all things interior design. She has an extensive curriculum and has gathered experience in various areas and different cultures and countries. She keeps perpetuating incredibly unique design choices and styles through various buildings and homes.

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Home'Society Magazine 1st Issue

Elif Arslan is the Guest Of Home’Society Design Talks

Home'Society Design Talks Invites Elif Arslan

Home’Society Design Talks focus on interviewing interior designers, architects, and showrooms to discover and discuss trending and the creative process. Home’Society believes that it is important, for any design process, to talk, discuss, and explore ideas together. The goal of Design Talks is to create a platform with a new vision of interior design trends within the industry, generating value for the design lover community.

Home'Society Design Talks Invites Elif Arslan

Elif Arslan graduated from Turkey with a degree in architecture and environmental design. She has always been interested in spaces and their connection with the rest of the home. After graduating, and doing her Master’s in Milan, she started to look at people’s needs in order to adapt her concepts, paying extra attention to the small details on a small scale.

Elif Arslan: A Reference in the World Of Interior Design

Elif Arslan is a reference in the world of interior design, in Istambul but also worldwide. She has experienced different cultures throughout her studies. She took inspiration from those different fabulous cities and their heritage.

Project by Alif Arslan Interiors

The history and cultural heritage belonging to cities such as Istanbul have had an impact on design, as the architectural language. This language is full of surprises and changes, something she applied in her work.

Project by Alif Arslan Interiors

The designer works mostly with residential lots, retail, educational, and office places – by trying to follow trends but still making sure she maintains the company’s concept. She told us that “(…) you have to reflect your brand to your settlement as an identity”

Project by Alif Arslan Interiors

When asked to describe her design style, Elif explains she likes to use bold and vivid colors, play with volumes, and have unique complimentary items in an interior design. However, she also tries to incorporate new trends in her work. The designer tells us that she felt a change in tastes since a lot of the furniture goes back to the 50s and even 60s architectural style.

Home’s Society style compliments Elif’s artistic vision in many ways, the Ardara Console is one of her favorite pieces. She explains she finds it very organic and trendy. Sculptural furniture such as the Ardara Console plays with volumes and is extremely fun to work with.

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Home'Society Design Talks Invites Elif Arslan

Elif Arslan ended our interview by giving some advice to future designers. She highlights that they should use their education, culture, and history, and follow master architects in design. They should work as inspirations.

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