Hallway Runner Rugs … The Home Decor Item for Everyone

Hallways have the same importance as any other place in your home, so it needs to be taken into consideration for proper and cohesive decoration. The Hallway Runner Rugs are the most important items to have in the hallway to set the mood of the entire house. So, today, Rug’Society will suggest 5 contemporary ideas of Hallway Runner Rugs for you to be inspired.

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A hallway is a liaison between rooms, which is why it has to convey a sense of connection between them. An inspiration of a hotel hallway with our Dêco Rug customized to this amazing interior with an unusual design that you surely won’t be able to resist. Now it’s your turn to choose how do you like it more!

A hotel hallway with the Ruin Urban Rug, bringing historical references into the hallway and make us travel back in time. Full of glamour and sophistication, you surely won’t be able to resist the runner version of the Ruin rug.


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This inspirational hallway with Medusa Rug will show you how beautiful a simple hallway can be. Medusa Botanical rug was born to represent the way of living of these amazing beings and bring elegance and mystery to interior design.

Decorate your hallways with the amazing Agatha Rug, which draws inspiration from a type of quartz of the same name. Known for its irregular shapes and grey colors, the Agatha Botanical Rug is a great design piece that features two techniques, hand-tuft, and over-tufting, creating the beauty of this amazing product.


Inspired by the Ptolemaic Kingdom’s ruler of the same name, our Kleopatra Lounge Rug is a rug with a great mixture of colors, the sky blue, and the pale mustard. These two tones complement each other beautifully, creating an amazing design piece that is worthy of its namesake.

elegant modern contemporary hallway interior design with a runner rug in neutral green color with a fancy console and original-sized mirrors.

Here is a bonus hallway rug idea. The NEPTUNO RUG has a beautiful design inspired by the sea and its flora. The neutral colors of this runner rug create a stylish and welcoming interior. This rug fits nicely into any type of design since it is very versatile.

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