Wool rugs are widely recognized as the best and most durable and resilient when it comes to area rugs. Wool is a material that is very long-lasting that will outlast synthetic fiber rugs (nylon, acrylic polyester, etc.). This type of material also grants a better comfort in your home with long wool threads that keep your floors soft and cozy. Rug’Society has a lot of wool rugs to choose from, take a look at some of our unique designed rugs.

Wool Rugs: What are their Pros and Cons?

Wool rugs are not only very long-lasting but they are also very easy to maintain and to clean. This is because wool rugs have coil-shaped strands that tend to preserve their shape even when subjected to intense foot traffic in divisions such as hallways or living rooms. Wool is also naturally stain-resistant, making it a cleaner rug than many other rug materials.

Incredible Wool Rugs To Style Any Interior

blue wool rugs for the hallway

Choose a blue rug such as the MIRÓ RUG for a clean, serene and classic interior design. In this hallway, the wool rug is the focal point with an abstract design that draws our attention. The dark blue evokes elegance and freshness in any setting, thanks to the wide range of colors that mix with it.

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wool rugs urban collection
colorful wool rugs for the hallway


This urban interior design combines contemporary, modern, and industrial elements to produce a unique look that’s ideal for metropolitan life. The GRAFFITIFIED I RUG has colorful hues that make a statement. It is one of the most iconic wool rugs there is.

wool rugs urban rug with colorful hues


Black wool rugs have the ability to bring a dramatic effect into a room.

Black wool rugs have the ability to bring a dramatic effect into a room. The SPIRIT RUG for instance with its dark background and red and yellow hues adds a sense of grandeur to the hallway. Not to mention that dark wool rugs are also great for high-traffic areas such as the hallway since they hide dirt and stains with more efficiency.

Wool Rugs With Amazing Designs

Neutral wool rugs are very versatile and have the capacity to pair with different colors.


Neutral wool rugs are very versatile and have the capacity to pair with different colors. The GOLDEN BUGS RUG is a stunning piece that adds a charming aura to a hallway or living room. These soft-colored tones create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

neutral rug with golden bug's design in different version


urban wool rugs for styling your living room

Give your interior a cosmopolitan vibe and create a stunning living room with the help of the INKBLIND I RUG. This wool rug will keep your home trendy and elegant for a long time while also keeping it comfortable. You can easily pair the rug with a black contemporary sofa.

Why Wool Rugs Are Worth It - isaloni
Why Wool Rugs Are Worth It: urban living room design with area wool rug


This living room has an urban design that transforms rough industrial spaces into softer and cozier areas. A large area like this one is in need of a fabulous area rug to give it some personality. The GRAFFITIFIED II RUG does just that with an iconic design.

modern urban rug with colorful design and inspired by the art of graffiti. Why Wool Rugs Are Worth It


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