Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and it is a must-visit destination for a lot of people. While most of Bangkok’s streets are fronted by vernacular shophouses, the largely unrestricted building euphoria of the 1980s has transformed the city into an urban area of skyscrapers and high rises of contrasting and clashing styles. As you may understand by now, in this article, we will talk about the Top 20 Bangkok Interior Designers.

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1. Abilmente

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Abilmente was established in 2002 and is situated in Bangkok, Thailand. This studio is a unique architecture and interior design company specializing in contemporary luxury design and interrelated services, such as interior design, construction, furniture design, and landscape design. Abilmente has project experience in fields such as commercial, hospitality, healthcare, education, private and public residences, retail design, and many more.

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

2. ACE Premium Designs

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

ACE Premium Designs is an interior design studio based centrally in Bangkok. Its conception came to be due to their passion for beautifully, intricately, and effortlessly designed and functionally organized spaces that aesthetically suit its purpose. Their team believes that “a home or a workspace isn’t truly yours unless it reflects your lifestyle”. As such, they respect their client’s vision and do their best to bring out their personal input.

3. Bô Interiors

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Bô Interiors is a boutique interior design and decoration studio based in Thailand that aims to surpass the ambitious needs of current and future homeowners in Bangkok, Hua Hin, or Phuket. Their range of services includes interior design, decoration, project coordination, and renovations. The team motto is style, elegance, sophistication, and authenticity; and they imbue this in each and every project.

4. Bué Studio

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Bue Studio Co., was founded on a clear and strong vision to become a highly recognized one-stop provider for quality design and build solutions. This Bangkok based studio works with mostly residential projects.

5. Celia Chu Design & Associates

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Celia Chu established her company of a desire to build an interior design practice that offered practical solutions that integrated elegance and style. Celia Chu Design & Associate’s goal is to bring a unique creative vision to life in the realm of hospitality design. The studio has since established itself as one of the leading design firms in Taiwan that serves an international roster of clients in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, with a wealth of experience in the fields of luxury and boutique hotels and restaurants.

6. Delcoi

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Delcoi works with interior design, construction, renovation, and miscellaneous. Their team wants to improve the aesthetics of interiors of buildings, houses, and other types of places to create a better environment for users of the spaces.

Room by Room - Rug'Society


A harmony of styles, colours, textures and rugs of all shapes in one place.

7. Elementi

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Nicola Conti was an Italian furniture designer, but as the business grew in the years ahead he slowly turned his focus to be an interior designer. He then created Element, starting to make important jobs as turnkey offices, homes, and public spaces. This studio offers to their clients a full design service providing the best in quality and good design.

8. Interior Passion

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Interior Passion has nearly 40 years of experience doing professional interior design, architecture, landscaping, and build out for well-known brands, franchises, local companies, hotels, restaurants, and corporate offices throughout Thailand and projects within some in neighbouring countries. Their team of experienced designers provides a high-quality design that is functional and sustainable while providing a beautiful haven for clients who want the very best for their project.

9. K R Decorate

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

K R Decorate provides a professional design service, interior decoration, and structure design. Their work is focused on designing for home and residential, office, restaurant, resort, and hotel by their team of professional and sophisticated interior designers and decorators who have work experience of more than 20 years.

10. Metaphor Design Studio

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

This Bangkok-based collaborative design studio’s main goal is to investigate the boundaries between disciplines. Their works focus on the reinterpretation of everyday materials, structures, and programs to new and imaginative effects. The name, Metaphor, reflects the very essence of their work – each being symbolic of its own character.

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Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

NOTCH was created by Nalinee Thiensiripipat, who is an expert in high-end clientele. Their designs consistently exhibit elegance with a touch of oriental charm, and great attention to detail.

12. Pia Interior

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Pia Interior is a leading design company, with more than 20 years of diverse experience in designing hotels, resorts, private residences, corporate offices, retail spaces, and cultural events throughout South East Asia. Its team counts over 180 professionals and has a successful track record of pertinent projects locally and internationally.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

13. Puri Design Consultant

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Puri Design was created by Suzana Zainal, a graduated with a master’s in interior architecture and design. This studio works with architecture, interior design, and graphic design consultant for residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. Its team also works with turnkey projects for renovation projects.

14. Space Matrix

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Space Matrix was founded in 2001. Their design practice has evolved into a dynamic, 21st ­century digital enterprise; a design consultancy that specializes in workplace design. Their team has developed a unique client focus that creates and delivers profitable, sustainable, and future-­ready workplace solutions. Their interior designers, along with their in-house technical specialists, create spaces that connect with the user both aesthetically and functionally.

15. Steven Leach Architects

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Steven Leach Architects (SL+A) is a part of the Steven Leach Group, which has offices in 8 countries throughout Asia and Eastern Europe. The group practice was founded in Hong Kong in 1972 and the Bangkok office was established in 1992. With over 280 professional staff and 40 years of experience in Asia and emerging markets, SL+A’s full-service portfolio includes residential, corporate, hospitality, industrial, and retail, with projects in Thailand, the Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, and India.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu

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16. Teem Studio Design

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Established in 2002, Teem Studio Design works on architecture and interior design. With a team of experienced architects, designers, engineers, and technicians, they have experience in a variety of projects, more than 180 so far, including private residences, condos, hotels, resorts, shops, restaurants, offices, and showrooms.

17. The Beaumont Partnership

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

The Beaumont Partnership is a design studio with a focus on people and their collective talents and creativity. Their commitment to placemaking as a key design driver enables their teams to make outstanding contributions to the built environment. Their team talents are not just limited to the corporate sector. Hospitality and residential projects have also been the subject of industry awards due to their ability to seamlessly combine functionality with style.

18. TOFF

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

TOFF was created in 2007 by Akarawoot Rajtborirak and they have been committed to delivering exceptional, comfortable, and individual works that give enduring pleasure to discerning clients. With their trademark approach, it allows them to control the details, resulting in sophisticated designs that each project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished. Nowadays, their services extensively encompass architecture and interior design which features a diverse and well-balanced range of skills.

19. Twwo Decor

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

Twwo Decor is a unique design company that offers full-service for architecture and interior design services. Their main focus is to create distinct luxury lifestyle experiences that reflect their clients’ personal needs and desires with sophisticated designs. Their team works in their projects from designing to constructing, making the vision of their clients come true with the budget set from the beginning of the project.

20. White Space

Most Wanted 20 Rugs from Top Bangkok Interior Designers

White Space team knows how to connect with consumers emotionally, intellectually, and with real-life relevance cracks the code of competitive advantage. They help brands do so by interpreting their story and messaging it to customers with clarity, consistency, and style. Their 50-person team of creative strategists, architects, interior, industrial, and communication designers provide a diversity of expertise to create powerful, holistic brand stories.

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