Today, Rug’Society presents you with the Top 20 Interior Designers from Amsterdam to introduce the rich history of the Dutch Design World. For the past 100 years, the Netherlands contributed with amazing design influences, ideas, and artists, and, today, the Dutch Design Culture is one of the biggest on the planet. Amsterdam is the capital of Dutch Culture and that’s why Rug’Society has to tell you about the Top 20 Interior Designers that are based in this beautiful city!

1. Baden Baden Interior

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Julie de Vries is the manager of the interior design store – Baden Baden Interior – in Amsterdam. Despite the store, Julie de Vries also provides interior design services, from small to big projects. Baden Baden Interior was part of several projects, creating a perfect atmosphere in office spaces, art galleries, and hotels, as well as decorating and furnishing model homes.


2. Ben van Berkel

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Ben van Berkel is a well-known architect from Amsterdam, working with the UNStudio. The career of Ben is marked by the design of many outstanding and important buildings in many different places all over the world. His design team develops urban projects, builds bridges and public buildings all over the world, as well as working on the design of products and media.

3. Day Interiors

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Dayane Pacheco is the principal designer of Day Interiors, a Brazilian interior designer with a huge background in architecture and interior design projects. Based in Amsterdam, the focus of Day Interiors is Scandinavian Design, making the studio grow within the Amsterdam design scene.

4. Deev Design

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Deev Design is an interior design studio with a strong focus on creating interiors that reflect in perfection the core idea and unique character of each ambiance. Deev Design does not just recreate a space, but creates a representation of the story behind it, turning the abstract form into a reality.

5. Eric Kuster

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Eric Kuster is the marque of Metropolitan Luxury Living, a style he perfected across the years!  In 1999, Eric Kuster established his own brand and he became instantly a world-renowned interior designer due to his design eye for color and his passion for the tones and hues of nature. He also creates luxury interior design products that go from furniture and textiles to home accessories and fragrances.

6. Ethnic Chic

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Ethnic Chic team is known for applying a large variety of styles in their projects and this comes from the experience of traveling all over the world. Inspirations that emerge from different cultures and countries. The team constantly challenges themselves and in the past years,  Ethnic Chic gradually grew from an interior shop in the heart of Amsterdam to a design studio working on high-end interior projects around the world, together with an online shop. Their passion for interior design results in everything they do.

7. Felix Stol

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Felix Stol is an Interior Design Studio inspired by art, architecture, and fashion. Using techniques of design to create environments that reflect the personality of the resident.

8. FG Stijl

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Colin Finnegan and Gerard Glintmeijer, are the “F” and the “G” of FG Stijl, the studio that was founded in March of 1995 by these two incredible designers. The interior design studio has grown into a full-service interior design company and nowadays it counts with a huge international portfolio of high-end hospitality and residential properties.

9. Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde
Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

The Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde passion is the creation of good buildings where people can live with the perfect integration of the design in the environment. The search for the essence is the first task, which developed a critical and consistent work making possible the creation of quality buildings.

10. Hofman Dujardin Architects

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Founded in 1999 by Barbara Dujardin and Michiel Hofman, the Hofman Dujardin Architects is known for working on a wide variety of architectural, interior, and product design projects. This incredible work is possible by the persistence and quality of the 8 architects that make part of the team.

11. Jacob van Rijs

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Jacob van Rijs was born in 1964 in Amsterdam and is a Dutch architect, lecturer, and urbanist. At 29 years old, together with Winy Maas and Nathalie de Vries, he set up MVRDV. Early work such as the television center Villa VPRO and the housing estate for the elderly WoZoCo, both in the Netherlands, have brought him international acclaim and established MVRDV’s leading role in international architecture.

12. Kate Hume

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Kate Hume has been at the forefront of international interior design for more than 20 years. Known for combining a rare sense of color, with eclectic finds and custom-made pieces, she never forgets that her high-net-worth clients want their private residences to be serene, elegant, comfortable homes.

13. Marcel Wanders

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Marcel Wanders was born in Boxtel, the Netherlands in 1963. He graduated cum laude from the Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten (ArtEZ Institute of the Arts) in Arnhem in 1988 after being expelled from Eindhoven Design Academy. In 1995 he opened his studio in the beating heart of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and since then, he became one of the most beloved designers on the entire planet!

14. Piet Boon

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Piet Boon is one of the most relevant and iconic designers of our time and belongs to the most famous Dutch architects and interior designers. Together with a creative director Karin Meyn, Piet leads his own team of designers, top interior designers, and architects.

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15. Rem Koolhaas

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Rem Koolhaas is a Dutch architect, architectural theorist, urbanist, and Professor in Practice of Architecture and Urban Design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Koolhaas’s habit of shaking up established conventions has made him one of the most influential architects of his generation. A disproportionate number of the profession’s rising stars, including Winy Maas of the Dutch firm MVRDV and Bjarke Ingels of the Copenhagen-based BIG, did some stints in his office.

16. René van Zuuk

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

René van Zuuk born in 1962 and is a Dutch architect since its 30 years old. He studied building production technology at the Technishe Universiteit Eindhoven and teaches for more than 6 years. His office, René van Zuuk Architekten has created a portfolio with a large variety of designs.

17. Robert Kolenik

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Robert Kolenik is a Dutch top interior designer that represents the new generation of Dutch designers who are respected and admired around the world. This is due to the high quality of their work, their businesslike approach, and their unique design style. In his projects, Kolenik combines all this with a huge amount of passion, a critical eye, and an inspiring personality. His design studio is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and it’s considered one of the best Design Studios in the country!

18. Romain Dossou

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Romain Dossou Interiors is a boutique interior design company, based in Amsterdam, with a breadth of work that goes from Amsterdam to Paris, London, and Sydney. RDI is uniquely placed to deliver global trend designs and concepts, elevating your home to magnificence.

19. UXUS Design

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

UXUS produces emotional and intelligent design exemplifying the principles of Brand Poetry, balancing creative excellence, with commercial success. Among their clients, there are Donna Karan, Bloomingdales, Selfridges, John Lewis, Sephora, Fast Retailing, Tate Modern, P&G, Absolut, Heineken, McDonald’s, HMS Host, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and many other valued clients.

20. Wiel Arets

Top 20 Interior Designers From Amsterdam

Wiel Arets is an architect, architectural theorist, urbanist, industrial designer, at the Dean of the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  Wiel’ work is generally characterized by a minimalist, geometric, and austere approach that responds to local contingencies in a flexible way.

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