Vivienne Westwood is known for always being at the forefront of cultural trends, becoming one of the most original and influential designers of our time.

The designer is largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream. Vivienne Westwood’s designs were independent and represented a statement of her own values.

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Vivienne Westwood‘s early years were shaped by the Pirate Collection of 1981, followed by the Pagan Years from 1988 until 1992, a time period where the designer’s muses went from punks to Tatler girls wearing clothes that parodied the upper class.

The Pagan Years were followed by Anglomania, 1993-1999, this collection showcased Vivienne Westwood‘s belief that fashion is a combination and exchange of ideas between England and France. In 2000 came the Exploration collection, which returned to a more asexual cut, exploring the natural dynamic of the fabric by treating it like a living mass.

Vivienne Westwood, alongside The Rug Company, developed a rug collection called Establishment, a playful mix of British fabrics combined with the sheer eccentricity which characterises the designer. This collection has iconic rugs and cushions featuring some of Vivienne Westwood‘s most-loved prints, including the Union Flag and signature orb.

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Vivienne Westwood, Iconic and Timeless Rug Designs
Magnolia Ice Wool & Silk

The Magnolia motif first appeared in Westwood’s Autumn Winter 2000/01 collection, the first in the long-running ‘Exploration’ theme. There are three plump blooms on each hand-knotted rug. This version of the Magnolia design has a Tibetan wool background with silk flowers.

Vivienne Westwood, Iconic and Timeless Rug Designs
Thistle Pewter

The Thistle Pewter modern rug is a gesture to Vivienne’s affinity with Scotland; an abstract graphic of the regal milk thistle. The beautiful design is hand-knotted with silk yarns on a Tibetan wool background, pairing dove grey and gunmetal tones.

Vivienne Westwood, Iconic and Timeless Rug Designs
Thistle Gold
Vivienne Westwood, Iconic and Timeless Rug Designs

Regalia is inspired by the pomp of ceremonial dress, layered sashes of regal colours interlock to create a beautifully turned out design that elevates any occasion.

Vivienne Westwood, Iconic and Timeless Rug Designs
VW Flag

The iconic ‘VW Flag’ motif was first provocatively modelled as a bridal stole in the Autumn/Winter 02/03 ‘Anglophilia’ collection. The raggedy worn-out and possibly blood-soaked original flag is precisely reproduced in very fine handwoven wool tapestry, which can be used on the floor or as a hanging.

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