New Vintage Trend…giving life to the old classics

New Vintage Trend is here this summer, to revisit the old classics and updating them a modern twist. With this trend, everyone will fall apart with the old classics and give to them a new life again. “New” and “Vintage” may have different definitions but who says they couldn’t go well with each other?

New Vintage

With everyone focus on what is going to be the future, the New Vintage style comes to show us that the love for the traditional and vintage design, still growing and is a characteristic of unique and individual style, and unique pieces.

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New Vintage

If you want to have an interior design and home decor that tells a story or even your own story, there’s no better trend then New Vintage. This style makes your home a place where authenticity is the main character with the product and accessories that speak for themself. If you are a lover of this amazing style, then you’ve hit the right spot- this is all about how you achieve the new vintage interior design without being tacky.

Heron Rug | New Vintage

New Vintage

Heron Rug was inspired in the elegance and grace of the species with the same name. Its design features different heights of hand-tufted botanical silk, giving the rug a three-dimensional feel that makes it stand out in every room.


Union Table Lamp | New Vintage

New Vintage

Handcrafted by Boca do Lobo, Union is an exclusive lamp created by using the traditional techniques of joinery and then finished with lacquer. Highly decorative, the form and design are achieved by working at the turn of the piece. The lamp’s base can be made from solid oak wood, beech tree or mahogany that makes the subsequent work of shaping possible. Table lamp with a finely turned mahogany base with a silk shade.

Mermaid Lounge Rug | New Vintage

New Vintage

With a creation without limits, Rug’Society has developed the Mermaid Rug, the fourth of lounge collection. Inspired by the feminine representation of the sea, it transmits to us her delicacy and her strength. With a character of mythology, the mermaid was always associated with love, beauty, and mystery. This rug is a true timeless soul, that will stand out the feminine power at your home decoration.

Kankan Cushion | New Vintage

New Vintage

The Kankan cushion was inspired to bring some fun to interior decoration, always with a classic touch. A true oasis of comfort and design, that materializes their feelings and their personalities.

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