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Jeffreys Interiors is a design studio, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, that focus all the efforts in a bespoke service of interior design and home decoration. The experience of retail and interior design provides to the company the delivery of a personalized collaboration between the client and the studio. The ten-strong elements of the team create a functional and stylish project that fits the personality of their clients and are designed by a sequence of styles, influences, playful scales, and whimsical unexpected details.

Jeffreys Interiors Projects

Jeffreys Interiors

Rue Cambon

In order to create a closer relationship between the company and the customer, Jeffreys Interiors recommends an informal meeting in their showroom at Edinburgh. This approximation allows to understand the client’s project and discuss the desires and possible options to make the best interior design, where the transparency and the client are the main important points.

Jeffreys Interiors

House for an Art Lover

Jeffreys Interiors offers a bespoke service to all their clients. This service was established by a long relationship with manufacturers, makers, and artisans, that bring the ideas to reality. The bespoke service provides you the possibility to “create” custom pieces, like rugs, furniture, and cushions.

Jeffreys Interiors

Sting Like a Bee

The Jeffreys Interiors make personal shopping a possibility by giving to customers the option to shop the catalogs of their suppliers and be guided by the recommendations of an expert in interior design. If you need to be inspired on live, you can always visit the two levels of their Georgian townhouse in leafy Stockbridge. Here you can be inspired by six rooms with different styles and influences, all designed by the team of the studio.

Jeffreys Interiors

Curiouser & Curiouser

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