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Al Tayer Group

It’s one of the largest companies, which manages nearly 200 stores in the Middle East. Their portfolio includes an assortment of unparalleled brands with an eye on the “best-in-class” service and luxury.

The group and the people belonging to it are linked by very strong values ​​and are always proud of the results they are able to obtain thanks to hard work. The collaboration between the different brands is very important; thanks to teamwork it is possible to create new personalized experiences for customers, based on their tastes and their needs.

Every day, Al Tayer Group helps hundreds of people on their way to a high lifestyle: it is very important to provide them with a series of luxury brands to make them feel special, with the most exclusive experience possible for the customer.

Circu Inspirations

The feedback of our customers and employees is the most important thing and it is from this that Al Tayer Group draws the inspiration to carry on its unique offer.

Thanks to this, they started to collect the most requested brands in the world, focusing on quality and accessibility, two factors that customers appreciate and that have led them to trust this brand. Every day Al Tayer Group continues to grow and evolve its experience, with a focus on the Middle East and beyond.
As the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East, Al Tayer Group houses a portfolio of some of the world’s top luxury brands in the fashion, jewelery, home and department store sectors.

To complement its position in luxury retailing, the Al Tayer Group has also built new frontiers in retail lifestyle, representing the leading brands in the Beauty, Home, Fashion and Hospitality sectors.

Since opening the first Aati store in 1981, the Al Tayer Group has firmly anchored its position as a regional retail leader, demonstrating strong growth driven by its ability to harness the potential of the brand, along with its innate understanding of the consumer . Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, the retail division has expanded operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman and currently operates nearly 200 stores across the region.

Al Tayer Real Estate, on the other hand, offers a portfolio of exceptional real estate properties. Subtle and sophisticated, the caliber of these premises is equaled only by that of the company’s expert management team.
From meticulous maintenance of the work space and the building, to guarantee the peace of mind of 24-hour security systems, Al Tayer Real Estate recognizes the importance of reliable customer service, a quality that has become the distinctive brand of the company .

Finally, the automotive division of Al Tayer Group was founded in 1982 and includes Al Tayer Motors, Premier Motors and National Car Rental. The brand portfolio includes Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari, Maserati, Ford, Lincoln and Ford Trucks.

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