Terrazzo Style

What do you think of the return of the Terrazzo trend? Started last year, exploded this year in interiors, design and graphics, and probably destined to last in the world of interior design.


This trend has an interesting and ancient history: the terrace was in fact the typical floor of Venetian houses of the sixteenth century, a low-cost version of marble formed by marble and stone granulates, put together with cement to form a single compound with a similar appearance to an irregular mosaic.


In reality, while the real Terrazzo is a mix of very small fragments, the version we see today in design and interiors is a pattern formed by larger and less dense fragments, graphically much more consistent.

It comes from the material called Marmoreal invented a couple of years ago by Max Lamb, consisting of four different types of Italian marble and 5% resin, which makes it a very resistant material and less porous than marble.

Circu Inspirations

Its appearance recalls the original Terrazzo only in part, and is visually much more effective.

If this trend continues to be appreciated as it has been until now, probably the Terrazzo finish will somehow replace the popularity of marble, a material that we have actually seen so much in recent years and has been one of the most popular trends in the interior and in design. All this goes together with a growing interest in everything that is pattern, prints, special and refined textures.


Do you like Terrazzo trend?

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