Eclectic Clutter

And here it is one of the best trend of the group. You don’t know what style you like? Into Eclectic Clutter style, you will have a mixture of patterns, a blend of several materials and some contrasting reference.

Eclectic Clutter

This eclectic clutter trend is based on creating harmony and combining styles, textures and contrasting colors to create a cohesive environment worthy of a magazine cover. With this trend, you have the freedom to experiment with different styles simultaneously, with harmony, of course, to create your new one.

Eclectic Clutter

The shades you select for this trend must maintain a cohesive color palette. The shades presented on the trends include shades of blue, dark green, nuances of shaded roses, grays, sometimes pastels and white; it is important to always use colors that create an atmosphere without contrasts.

Eclectic Clutter

Never forget to add some items, tie different pieces together with common color or shape items. You have to keep the balance which means combining a dark wall with bright decorations, and vice versa for example, decorate over time, add pendants while you go and above all give your personal touch to the decoration.

Eclectic Clutter

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