Royal is the richest trend of all, full of accents and details to make your space more luxurious. The main feature of this trend is the ornaments. The ornament has become the symbol of this sumptuous trend: furniture, walls, ceilings and other art objects have been decorated in an extraordinary way.


The Rococo style trends have been able to retransmit the unique character and romance of a past time. This style is full of lightness but conveys strength and decision at the same time.

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Walls and ceilings are richly decorated and today evoke the desire for romance and beauty. The decorations inside the different rooms are luxurious and extravagant, characterized by bright colours and gold. The ornaments of this style are decisive, inspired by the shapes of the earth, the sea, natural and ethereal colours and elements.


The elegant curved lines are completed by quadratic forms. Gold is a dominant element in radiating the feeling of luxury and can be combined with pastel colours and ivory in white fabric and fine materials.

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For example, with these rugs, it is possible to create a very typical rococo environment but, above all, a regal environment, classy and refined. Rugs have always been a symbol of royalty, wherever you decide to place them: on the walls or on the floor. And the Royal style is assured!

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