Has the same importance as any other place on your home, so it needs to be taken into consideration for proper and cohesive decoration. Much more than what it seems, a hallway leads us to other places in a house, so don’t forget that a hall is an important part of your home and it’s worthy of your decorating attention.



It is a space that needs to be functional. You use it for hospitality purposes like removing coats or greeting your guests, so you don’t have any excuse for not creating a gorgeous hallway! And adding a stunning rug gives a personal and perfect touch to the ambiance.



Furnishing a hallway is easier than you can imagine. Most houses inevitably have a hallway, usually 1 x 2.70 meters, respectively in length and height. Moreover, this portion of the apartment, which serves as a connection between the rooms and a place of passage, is often an obligatory architectural solution.


Unlike what is commonly believed, the hallway is not just a space that serves to unify the environments but can also have a pleasant appearance and be functionally furnished. Those who believe that the corridor takes up space from the rest of the house were wrong at the start, because there are really many solutions to make it beautiful and liveable.



A hallway is the space that allows access to the other rooms of the house. Generally, it has a rectangular shape, long, whose size can vary depending on the size of the apartment. Sometimes the hallway can be annexed to the living room, or to a portion in which more connections between the other rooms are concentrated. The size, also in this case, is inevitably linked to the number of doors that open.



Whatever the width and length of a hallway, it is possible to create pleasant furnishing projects aimed at enhancing this apparently anonymous surface. Remember that, inside each house, any portion can give character to the whole, so even the corridor can play a decisive role and improve liveability. Of course, there is no absolute rule for furnishing the hallway, as every detail should be evaluated in the specific case, the shape and size of the available space, as well as the style of the apartment and personal preferences.



A beautiful rug is the ideal solution to embellish this area of ​​the house, making it exclusive and important, as if it represented another room. There are plenty of rugs that can fit perfectly, long with a rectangular shape.


Do you like our ideas for the hallway?

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