Fringe Trend is back!  This trend has his presence in fashion and accessories, and it does not go by, plus, it will make your look be outstanding. Fringes are the detail that you can see everywhere at the moment. It’s presence hits in fashion and especially in home decor.

The desire for the luxe, the textured, has increased lately. Fringe doesn’t have to be part of something that is fluffy and overdone. It’s actually a really beautiful accent in a modern interior, adding a bit of Art Deco flair while still feeling light and fun.

You can see this style present on sofa, cushions, lamps, rugs and so many more furniture items in your home decor. Don’t forget the color hues are very important in this trend burgundy colors, blues, and dark greens are dominant.

This trend is so glamorous don’t you think?

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