This white modern bedroom has a bed frame in light wood. a blue rug, a white lounge, and one grey armchair.

Rug ideas with Navigate Design

Rug Ideas from one of the most desired design firms in Toronto, Navigate Design, a team of entrepreneurial designers and project managers who are extremely passionate about shaping trends and creating lasting impressions for their clients.

Rug Ideas by Navigate Design

Navigate Design offer an integrated service that is a true collaboration between interior design, graphic design, product development, project management, and the client. Find the best rug ideas inspiration and create a modern but comfortable space with these ideas.

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Rug ideas with Navigate Design. Banner: Best Interior Designers of Toronto! Find the inspiration you need.

Rug Ideas with Navigate Design

Today we will show you some hotel projects such as Bisha, Blacktail Bar & Cedar Room, and Estia to get the best inspiration for rug ideas from the one and only Navigate Design. Let yourself be inspired by these wonderful ideas that we have presented to you.

Rug Ideas


Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This courtyard has four white round tables. four white armchairs, four armchairs in green, and a rug with geometric designs in blue, yellow, and white.
Navigate Design

Staying true to Hotel Celino’s Art Deco history, the Navigate team designed three soft pastel palettes – one for each historical building.

Rug ideas with Navigate Design. Taking inspiration from the various types of metamorphic rocks, the Xisto Rug is a fantastic addition to any reading corner, as it exudes a comforting and unique feeling, as it drapes itself in the robes of a beautiful color scheme of various tones of grey with simple yet effective splashes of gold and yellow.
Inspired by the look
Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This neutral living room has a white bed frame, a bedside table in white, a blue and white rug, and a brown armchair.
Navigate Design

For the new building, a fourth, ocean blue-inspired palette was designed to play up the room’s full-height glazing, and stunning views of the beach.

Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This white modern bedroom has a bed frame in light wood. a blue rug, a white lounge, and one grey armchair.
Navigate Design

To tie the distinct buildings together, common elements of white natural stone, whitewash wood, and brass was used throughout.


Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This dining room has one big brown sofa, two marble dining tables, four blue armchairs, and a rug in a geometric design in blue and white.
Navigate Design

With curated taxidermy on weathered cabinet walls, and a trail of custom steampunk fixtures leading to the moody ambiance and custom plush leather seats of the dining area, drinking and dining at Weslodge Dubai feel like hanging out in the home of a rock star.

Rug ideas with Navigate Design. Banner: New 2022 catalogue: The most exquisite handcrafted and bespoke carpets for your home with premium designs.


Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This restaurant has a lot of round green sofas, pink armchairs, grey chairs, tables of wood and a big blue rug.
Navigate Design

Pioneers of Toronto’s vegan scene, Fresh is a refreshing palette filled with pinks, turquoise, warm greys, and lilac balanced with natural oak, Venetian plaster, and hand-glazed tile work, and saturated vintage wool rug in the dining room.

Rug ideas with Navigate Design. With a plethora of golden hues and a perfect mix of natural elements, this astonishing bathroom design is a sight to behold. The color palette is to die for, as the Meta Rug, with its animal print motif, goes amazingly well with the rest of the golden bathroom, lending to a feeling of authenticity unlike any other.
Inspired by the look


Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This restaurant with a dark ambiance has a big round red sofa on the opposite wall and there are two big tables, dining armchairs in blue and grey, and a rug with dark colors.
Navigate Design

Formerly a masculine, steak-heavy establishment in Yorkville, this signature destination was in strong need of an interior transformation.

Blacktail Bar & Cedar Room

Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This restaurant has a brown leather sofa, wood tables, grey dining armchairs, and a rug in red, brown, and white.
Navigate Design

Blacktail Bar & Cedar Room is an idyllic hotel lobby bar and open kitchen dining room in the heart of the Kananaskis mountain range showcasing handcrafted cocktails, regional beers & seasonal menus with hyper-regional ingredients.


Rug ideas with Navigate Design. This master ensuite in open space has a grey sofa, a blue rug, and a kitchen with marble countertops.
Navigate Design

The master ensuite boasts a full-height marble wall, black fixtures, and a color-changing shower & steam room. The bedroom features a custom headboard commissioned by Navigate, and a collection of thoughtfully curated furniture and stylings to complete the aesthetic.

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