5 Irreverent Rug Designs You Need to Know

Irreverent Rug Designs are a huge trend in interior design and today, Rug’Society will present some ideas to break the classic norms of interior design. Whether on the wall or on the floor, our contemporary rugs are made to appeal to the artistic vision and they will make you feel like you are at an art gallery. Stay tuned and appreciate the 5 rugs that we like to call pieces of art.

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Black Ink Rug

black-ink- Irreverent-Rug-Designs

Black Ink is a handmade rug with an irreverent design and it is the perfect option to create a mysterious and discreet look but never failing to create a statement wherever placed. This modern rug was born with a strong connection to urban art and being a hand-tufted carpet in botanical silk, it enhances, even more, the beauty of this product.

Design Service 2019

Dêco Rug


Inspired by the Art Deco movement, that peaked during the 1920s, Rug’Society created the DÊCO irregular rug, which represents the neutral collection in the best way possible. A handmade rug with an irreverent design full of glamour and sophistication, with an unusual shape and the addition of fringes, which you surely won’t be able to resist.


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Simba Rug


An image conceived through the combination of several graphic elements, the mixture of patterns makes this modern rug exclusive, different, and irreverent. With a very uniform palette of colors and using three different techniques, hand-tufted, loop, and cut. Simba mid-century rug stands out for the harmony between different elements, a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves.

Mowgli Friends II Rug


Inspired by the Mowgli movie, this rug has a very unique shape and it aims to portrait the friendships that are formed in the animal world. It’s perfect for a bedroom project that wants to be different and wants to make a real-life jungle of fun.

Snake Rug


The snake is one of the oldest and most well-known mythological symbols, being present in different cultures with similar meanings. Snake rug is a tribute to this majestic animal and to the meaning it was endowed with in the past, which it still possesses. A 100% handmade rug that combines the use of hand-tufted and overtufting techniques with different materials – natural wool and botanical silk.


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