Modern And Contemporary Handmade Rugs With The Illuminating Color

Illuminating is one of the colors of the year and is came to bring a sense of strength and positivity for 2021. This color encapsulates deeper feelings with the promise of more sunny and friendly interior designs.

Stay tuned and be inspired by the best modern and contemporary rugs in Illuminating tone, that will light up your home decoration.

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Design Service 2019

Valencia Rug

Inspired on a Summer trip to Valencia, a Spanish city where the heat is dominant and the colors vibrant. A city so strong and colorful that could only be portrayed in neutral tones, where Illuminating color invades. The registration of neutral but warm colors transports us for unparalleled comfort. VALENCIA rug is hand-tufted in Botanical Silk.

Redleh Rug

REDLEH rug was created to honor the Chinese dragon element. According to Chinese mythology, the dragon was one of the four sacred animals summoned by the creator God to be part of the creation of the world. REDLEH is a 100% handmade and hand-tufted rug made with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk, that promises to bring to the interiors the power, strength, nobility, and good luck of the dragon.


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Disruption Rug

DISRUPTION rug is the rug that makes you want to break the limits. Inspired by the disruption act, this handmade rug is supposed to sound radical and cool, like a revolution. The Illuminating color comes to bring some color and fun to this urban rug.

Graffinesque Rug

GRAFFINESQUE rug will bring some intensity to your home decoration by the unusual combination of colors, which makes it impossible to not observe.

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