5 Modern Rugs Ideas For Your Living Room Decor

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The living room is the common room of the house where everyone reunites to relax. This home decision should be the place where everyone feels comfortable and feels the most at home.

The living room is such an important room, in which the Modern Rugs always looks good. Modern Rugs have a very strong power: to harmonize the furnishings inside the living room, creating a pleasant atmosphere, or, in the case of a wrong choice, to mess up the furniture making it confusing and disharmonious.

So, stay tuned, and discover 5 Modern Rugs Ideas For Your Living Room Decor with Rug’Society.

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Kotta Rug

Neutral living room with earth tones that highlights the home decor in a cozier way. The Kotta Botanical Rug completes the look with its animal print design is the perfect modern rug to bring the magnificence of nature into the room.

Antelope Rug

A modern contemporary living room with the conjugation of strong and neutral colors. The Antelope rug brings the conjugation of all this in one piece and completes the look with its geometric design that catches our look. The orange details are the predilection to create a more comfortable feeling.


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Möos Rug

This modern living room is full of high-quality carpets that have the ability to transport us to other places through their colors and textures. In this room, the Terrazzo Rug stands out for its unique and bold design of the Italian flooring composite. The Möos Rug is the ex-libris of this room by its neutral design that catches our look to the wall.

Inkaholic Rug

This modern living room is composed of Inkaholic Urban Rug, a 100% botanical silk rug. The terracotta color comes to life when combined with the Malay 2 Seat Sofa by BRABBU, enhancing all the details of this living room.


Snake Rug

Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy being also associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and the environment. The conjugation with the snake element, creates the perfect botanical rug, the Snake Rug. This living room is what a living room should be, bright, comfortable, and full of personality.

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