Signe Furniture and its extraordinary design will be our focus today. The veteran design firm Signe has been influencing the furniture market for the past 20 years. Top luxury furniture companies are represented in Egypt and the Middle East by them. Moreover, Signe Furniture provides custom manufacturing services that meet the highest industry standards. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the furniture and design company.

Signe Furniture: Live Your Dream

Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture

Signe Furniture is one of the top furniture importers in Egypt and the Middle East. To deliver unique interiors for their clients, they collaborate closely with the largest designers and developers in the nation. They have had the opportunity to take part in some of Egypt’s most opulent and prominent projects throughout the years, including anything from hotels to private residences.

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Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture

All of the companies in their group are centered on furniture, woodworking, sanitary ware, and construction finishing. Since their mother company, Aquatop, was established in 1991, they have operated in the market, working with the largest developers and contractors on the nation’s largest projects as upscale residential areas, followed by governmental initiatives and five-star hotels.

Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture

Signe Furniture represents the world’s most prestigious and opulent furniture brands. Also, they have their own factory where they offer high-quality locally produced furniture.

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Modern and open Kitchen design with round white garden rug - Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture


Rug'Society New Catalogue - The most esquisite handcrafted and bespoke carpets

Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture

Also, the best sanitary ware brands in the world are supplied exclusively and at the top levels by Aquatop, the firm that houses them. including, for example, Villeroy & Boch, Jacuzzi, and TOTO. They are a leader in their industry, equipping bathrooms with an original and distinctive vision for creativity while assuring the finest quality for their clients.

Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture

A sister company for Signe Furniture, Interior-inn, established in 2001, specializes in office partitions, various types of woodwork, and interior design. Additionally, it engages in the production of laminate in various forms, including doors, wall cladding, and much more based on customer specifications. Interior-inn also has its own factory where it employs skilled and knowledgeable specialists to produce high-caliber designs that can satisfy the expectations of the constantly expanding market.

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Calipsu Rug - Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture


Explore extraordinary design with Signe Furniture

Signe Furniture proudly provides you with a meaningful place committed to bringing distinctive style, comfort, and cutting-edge trends together under one roof. They strive diligently, imagine design concepts, and deliver them.

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