Wool rugs can be just the perfect addition to minimalist home décor. Clean lines, a monochromatic palette, and simplicity are usually what we first think of when considering a minimalist décor, the main focus is creating a simple and uncluttered space and wool is the most common fiber used for carpets and are available in a wide range of design and patterns. 

Quality and durability are often connected to wool rugs because if properly maintained they can last for decades. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly, can withstand pressure and on top of that, they have excellent aesthetic proprieties. Therefore, we gathered the best of Rug’Society modern wool rugs to help you create the finest minimalist home décor. 

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Wool Rugs for a Minimalist Home Décor 

Contemporary and neutral-toned living room with Oslo rug - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

This neutral-toned and contemporary living room with the OSLO RUG is just the most beautiful example of how a rug can enhance an ambiance. From Rug’Society Shaggy Collection, the Oslo rug is inspired by the long snow-white pile spots of the Norwegian capital and brings comfort and nobility to this luxurious and minimalist décor.  

Contemporary reading corner with West rug - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

Cozy and warm as a reading corner should feel, this one is no different. The WEST RUG is one of the 100% handmade wool rugs that combines three different techniques: hand-tufting, over-tufting, and carving. An elegant mid-century piece that lends itself perfectly to this stunning and sophisticated reading corner. 

WEST RUG - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

Wool Rugs: Where to Find them 

Modern living room with blue Triology rug - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

A splendorous and contemporary living room with a neutral color palette and the harmonic blue TRIOLOGY RUG. Creating a unique and artistic ambiance, the Triology rug comes to honor the historical reference of the Trilogy word with an abstract design, making it just the finest choice for this minimalist home décor. 

Modern reading corner with Joh rug - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

This contemporary reading corner displaying the JOH RUG reflects the most pleasing way to balance luxury, comfort, and harmony. Joh is a geometric wool rug inspired by the conjugation of light and shadows and goes perfectly well with the color scheme of the room. 

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The Finest Modern Wool Rugs 

Modern living room design with Coll rug - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

With a simple rug design and minimalist style, COLL RUG is just the perfect addition to this contemporary open space design. Combining the loop and hand-tufted techniques, the Coll rug is one of the wool rugs inspired by the basic and primary illustrative forms of MARIMEKKO and lends itself wonderfully in this living room. 

Contemporary reading corner with autumn colors and the round Lola rug - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

A contemporary and stunning reading corner with the LOLA RUG balancing luxury, comfort, and autumn colors. Lola is a rug full of personality dynamism, hand-tufted in New Zealand wool. Its bold colors from Pop style and geometric design create a provocative and interesting look for this reading corner.

LOLA RUG - Minimalist Home Decors with Modern Wool Rugs

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