If you are looking for rug décor we have the best inspirations from one of the most desired interior designers in Toronto! We are talking about the one and only Import Temptations, the finest luxury furniture in Toronto, and home décor from the most exclusive Artisans around the world.

Rug Décor from Import Temptations

Import Temptations approaches each space with a unique perspective, balancing international style with practical functionality. The team of designers is dedicated to providing top-quality and fully customizable options for one-of-a-kind interiors. In this article, let yourself be inspired by these wonderful ideas of rug décor that we have to present to you.

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Rug Décor with Import Temptations. Banner- Best Interior Designers of Toronto : Find the inspiration you need.

Rug Décor by Import Temptations

Import Temptations, a leading Interior Design Company in Toronto, and Shiva Khalilnia’s work have been featured in numerous publications and digital platforms over the years and have gained recognition by some of the industry’s top trendsetters and influencers. Find the best rug décor that we present to you in this article full of amazing ideas!

Rug Décor: Import Temptations

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This white modern living room has a simple and neutral rug, a neutral sofa and armchair with gold details, a silver coffee table, and a painting in light colors.
Import Temptations

Family-owned and operated since 1985, Import Temptations began its climb to success as a small wholesale company and grew quickly into an established and well-respected luxury furnishing and interior design business.

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This dining room has a suspension chandelier, a white dining table, white dining armchairs, and a neutral rug.
Import Temptations

Lili Khalilnia, founder and president of the company attended one of the finest interior design schools in Italy where she developed her passion for the best in Italian style, furniture and design.

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This modern living room has a suspension chandelier, two greys sofas, two grey armchairs, a glass coffee table, and a light grey rug.
Import Temptations

Joined by her husband Frank Khalilnia, Import Temptation’s growth in the industry of furniture, giftware, and distinct design of mirrors.

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This luxurious bedroom has two beds with pink bed frames, two grey benches in grey, a vanity table and a pink armchair, and a grey light rug.
Import Temptations

The company has gained the definitive image of being the very best in all aspects of consumer vision and fortifying strong relations.

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This modern contemporary living room has as a center piece a fireplace with a wall in wood, a brown light sofa, two armchairs in neutral with brown details, a black coffee table, and a neutral rug that covers all of the room.
Import Temptations

Frank uses his fluency in 5 languages to ensure strong and reliable relationships with international suppliers.

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This luxurious and contemporary living room with the White Garden rug is the perfect combination of earth and neutral tones on the sofa.

Inspired by the look

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This white dining room has a glass dining table, white dining armchairs, and a white rug.
Import Temptations

Toronto Based Principal and Designer, Shiva Khalilnia, has been creating sophisticated interiors for her clients for over 20 years.

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. Banner -  New 2022 Catalogue: The most exquisite handcrafted and bespoke carpet for you home with premium designs.
Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This dark entryway as a feature wall has a green texture, a dark console, and a black rug.
Import Temptations

Her portfolio includes grand residences and luxury hotels throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This modern dining room has two consoles in light brown with gold structure, a brown dining table, white armchairs and a brown rug.
Import Temptations

This well-traveled Designer is highly versed in European elegance, having worked with and designed for high-end furniture lines in Milan, Italy for several years. 

Rug Décor with Import Temptations. This seating area with dark blue walls has a neutral console, a neutral sofa, a gold coffee table, and a blue rug.
Import Temptations

Today, Shiva has established exclusive relationships with some of the very best luxury European Manufacturers and North American brands, giving her the ability to bring clients impeccable craftsmanship and opulent design options.

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