Modern hallway rugs are the ultimate item for a dashing interior. Entryways and hallways are the first thing people see when entering a house, so it is very important to have a good-looking interior to showcase how stylish and on-trend one can be. RUG’SOCIETY has launched an Urban collection made of stunning designs that will amaze you.

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Modern Hallway Rugs

Transform your hallway into a modern interior with the best rugs made with high-end materials and by Portuguese craftsman experts. Browse our selection of modern hallway rugs and let them inspire your for your interior project.

TOP 10 Modern Hallway Rugs For A Unique Interior

Modern hallway with ocli rug and wooden console - Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

This is a modern interior with a monochromatic rug in black and white. This aesthetic interior decor is timeless for its minimalist design and sober colors. The Ocli rug is ideal for a stylish interior.

Modern contemproary hallway with golden bugs - Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

Another minimalist interior with the Golden Bugs Rug. The black console matches perfectly with the rug and suspension lights. This is one of the best modern hallway rugs.

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Modern hallway with Disruption rug in black and yeallow with suspension lights and midcentury lamp and console

The Disruption rug is a modern rug from the urban collection, it is a piece inspired by art street. The graffiti design contrasts with the midcentury furniture to create a harmonious and collected interior.


disruption rug Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

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Modern hallway with green SNAKE RUG and black cover Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

The modern hallway with the green Snake Rug enhances the beauty of this hallway for its bold color. Its detailed pattern brings an air of prestige to this hallway since the snake is a mythological symbol with majestic influence.

Modern classic hallway with green AMAZON RUG and golden console and wall lights

The Amazon rug brings nature indoors with its stunning abstract design in green colors. This is a bold contemporary interior design that makes a statement.

Modern Hallway Rugs – The Best Selection of Rugs

Modern classic hallway with mermaid rug in pastel colors with suspension lights

The Mermaid rug is an exquisite rug with an irregular shape that stands out for its pastel colors that contrast with the black table. The golden suspension lights pair nicely with the soft colors of the rug.


MERMAID RUG Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

Modern open space hallway with OSCAR RUG, blue mirror and marbled consoles Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

The Oscar rug will turn any hallway into a fantastic art gallery, this rug inspired by cubism artworks will give personality to your interior. The light colors of the rug let the round blue mirror shine and take the center of attention.

Modern hallway with leather rug in black with red sofa and suspension lights

Leather rugs can also be amazing pieces to decorate hallways, the Brick rug is a fantastic choice for a sober and elegant hallway. It is one of the most fabulous modern hallway rugs.

Midcentury hallway with JOH RUG and midcentury lights and standing lamp and console

If you love midcentury decors, the Joh rug is perfect for you. This midcentury geometric rug is lovely to give some depth and personality to an interior.


JOH RUG Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

Modern hallway with MERFILUS RUG, center table and suspension lights Modern Hallway Rugs For A Interior With Style

This modern contemporary hallway has a stunning round rug that brings fluidity and finesse to the room. The Merfilus rug with a modern design is meant to reflect the waves of the ocean and create a calm atmosphere.

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