NONG STUDIO is a Shanghai-based architectural design studio that focuses on commercial, residential and hospitality projects. Their team is composed of architects and designers from all over the world with a different educational background full of passion for creating unique projects. Continue to read and discover 10 rug inspiration projects from NONG STUDIO.

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Rug inspiration with Nong Studio

NONG in Chinese means “do”, “create” and “perform” and also reflects pureness, instinctive reaction and deep passion. NONG also has another meaning, Shanghai lanes and alleys. At the time Chasing Wang and Neal Zhu founded NONG STUDIO, it made sense to give this name since both were born and raised in the Shanghai alleys.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio

They have an eclectic style and because they studied abroad, both have a unique vision where they combine cultural context with modern design language. Their philosophy is to create a balance between art and design that can withstand time.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio-Interior renovation of residence in Shanghai

This mansion is located in Shanghai on the top floor of an old house in the former French Concession area. Since it was an old house, they opted to renovate some of the structure and maintaining some of the original features.

Rug inspiration

This chemical reaction of Chinese and Western lifestyles is integrated into the design ideology. The design of the house is an original and unique combination of old and new, western and eastern furniture and objects with a multicultural combination such as the rug in the living room.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio- Shanghai Riverfront Mansion

This project is located in Shanghai Lujiazui, the most prosperous business district with world-famous sky-scrappers. The client was looking for a Parisian elegance feeling.

Rug inspiration

To display Parisian elegance and comfortableness, they used a mixture of various materials and fabrics such as marble, wood, velvet, stainless steel, wool, cotton to present a casual and sophisticated effect. The interior decoration is inspired by classic French elements and bright colours at the same time.


rug inspiration

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio- Shanghai Waterfront designer’s home

This project located in West Guangfu in Shanghai has a mixture of various elements. It has a colourful palette with colourful and playful furniture. In this house, you can definitely get some rug inspiration since we can see various types of rugs throughout the house.

Rug inspiration

One of the adjacent rooms was transformed into a tea house and in there we can see various Chinese and Marroco elements such as the checkboard rug and coffee table. Some Western influences can be seen especially in the living room with the colourful green chairs and a more sober rug.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio- Luxury Mansion Shanghai

Located in the XinTiandi Area in Shanghai, this elegant apartment is decorated in an art deco style. This apartment was inspired by the celebration of now and present, east and west, passion and energy.

Rug inspiration

In this project, NONG STUDIO wanted to bring art into the apartment and to do that they incorporated into the interior design craftsmanship designs made by local people.


rug inspiration

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio- My Dream Wedding Boutique

My dream wedding Boutique is located in West Jianguo Road Shanghai, in a place with lots of high-end boutiques. After talking with the owner where she explained how an unmarried young girl rebelled, went through metamorphosis and finally found her true love they had an idea of how to decorate the space.

Rug inspiration

So NONG STUDIO prepared a “secret garden” for young girls to make the wedding gown shop become the place where young girls’ dreams are hidden. The fitting room is the key to happiness in this story.  In this room, they used a pink palette with a feminine and classic rug.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio- G.K.Bridal Boutique

G.K BRIDAL is a collection store of Spanish and South Korean wedding gown brands. The store design is inspired by the rose arcade of Versailles Garden. From the moment you enter you will definitely feel that you are in a fairy tale with a friendly and elegant environment.

The Best Tapestry

rug inspiration

The furniture is feminine and graceful with a pink and blue palette and velvet details and a large pink rug. A group of Macarons sofas are placed in the elegant and refreshing fitting room. Together with a golden tea table and relevant decoration.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio-KOKO.EL Party House

The proprietor of the banquet hall is a group of babies with rich imaginations and creativity. The design was supposed to be fun and tell a fairy-tale in an entertaining, joking and bantering way. Hence, it reminds us of the Wizard of Oz, the Up and all those childhood stories.

The pink, pink orange and pink blue go with the black-white stripes and with boldness and unrestrained art. It was designed so that every child walking in can feel energetic and pleasant.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio-OIAM STYLING AGENCY Boutique

OIAM Boutique is located in the centre of the French Concession on Wukang Road, Shanghai. This three-story modern-style house is a shopping centre, recreation and workshop space. It’s either public or private, it’s more like a mix of both.

Rug inspiration

The exterior is simple and low key and the interior is retro looking with modern and exaggerated forms an eclectic contrast. There is a big contrast between the conspicuousness and bold 1st floor and the elegant and soft 2nd floor.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio-YI.J CHENG Jewellery Showroom

Inspired by the owner of Y YI.J CHENG Jewellery, the designers created a space that gives importance to the raw materials instead of creating a spacious and transparent space. “Come here, sit side by side, have a heart-to-heart conversation, look for your right gem and find the true self that’s missing is you.” this was the designer’s intentions when designing this space.

In this sense, there’s no traditionally defined elegance and grace. Space is in this way a mix of vintage with modern. One of the main areas has a red-lip sofa in a dark space with a blue navy rug and some golden furniture.

Rug inspiration with Nong Studio- BLACK BLANC Boutique

BLACK BLANC is a gentlemen place and so this space idea comes from Kingsman, the old custom-made store in London. It has two independent ready-to-wear areas with a long corridor to give a sense of privacy.

rug inspiration

They used dark wood to give a more masculine and British retro style, together with the brown leather sofa and the soft decoration. The colourful carpet and tea table with golden chapiters were added to give the space less formal and enhance the complexity of each space.

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