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Earth Tones are very popular in interior design, and 2021 will be no exception. Warm taupes, shades of brown, sands, beige, or terracotta, will continue to be superb options to craft home décor.

This palette is perfect for modern interiors, as they counteract the sometimes cold and unhospitable sensation these interiors can give off. Besides, given their low saturation and innate presence in the real world, pairing these shades does not present any challenge. To help you, Rug’Society brings you the trendiest ambiances to follow this trend.

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Illuminated Reading Corner With Oslo Rug

Earth Tones: The Trendiest Color For Spring 2021

This reading corner with Earth Tones is the perfect place for you if you love nature and relaxing ambiances especially if you love to be in touch with the earth and nature. The Oslo shaggy rug combines elegance and comfort, contributing to the arising of this bright and illuminated reading corner.


Terracotta Living Room With Terrazzo Rug

Earth Tones: The Trendiest Color For Spring 2021

If you want to create an unreplicable look in your living room, Rug’Society suggests the Terrazzo handmade rug. A trendy rug that brings fun and color to your home and is the perfect combination with Earth Tones and Terracotta details.

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Modern Living Room With Earth Tones

Earth Tones: The Trendiest Color For Spring 2021

The brown version of Haar Botanical Rug is the right choice for this modern living room. The combination of brown tones is the perfect statement to honor this 100% handmade rug, made with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.

Living Room With Earth Tones and The Imperial Snake Rug

Earth Tones: The Trendiest Color For Spring 2021

This ambiance is the perfect representation of a luxury and stylish ambiance, standing out the beauty of Earth Tones. Our Imperial Snake rug is rich in Earth Tones and varied textures that provide a cozier feeling to this space.



Neutral Dining Room With Golden Bugs Rug

Earth Tones: The Trendiest Color For Spring 2021

The palette of colors of this dining room provides a relaxation feeling to the ambiance and becomes a space where socializing or even working is a pleasure. If you want to live in a pleasant atmosphere and in a space that is peaceful, we definitely suggest you choose a dining room in these tones.

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