Düsseldorf is known as one of the most livable cities in the world! The historic center is filled with historic and modern constructions, from offices to residences, where the architects and interior designers play a significant role! Check our list with the top Düsseldorf Interior Designers to get to know them and their projects along with some rugs inspiration!

1 Atiyeh Adeli Interior Design

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Passioned about nature, fashion, and global travel, Atiyeh Adeli is specialized in creating both residential and commercial designs. With a love for colors, details, forms, and materials, the interior designer creates unique interiors with her individual approach.


Düsseldorf Interior Designers

With a creative team of architects, interior designers, and strategy consultants, BKP aims to shape the future with its clients in order to build a better world. They develop tailor-made concepts and work strategically to create corporate environments with a sense of unity.


Düsseldorf Interior Designers

From the concept to the implementation of interiors, DSK has been designing places to live and work for more than 10 years, including both individual or complete areas. They are known for their creative ideas and innovation in the design process, creating wonderful interiors.


Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Founded by Helmut Hentrich, HPP strives to create the greatest economical, ecological, technical, social, and aesthetic value for the users, owners, and surroundings. In fact, the company develops inspiring atmospheres, from architecture to interior design for working environments, cultural buildings, hotels, and retail.

5 Jusczyk raum + ausstattung

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

The interior decorator Oliver Jusczyk, together with the economist Kerstin Jusczyk, has been running the Jusczyk raum + ausstattung in the east of Düsseldorf. The company has great competence and years of practical experience in all areas of interior design, from window design to textile floor coverings, creating custom-made decorations.

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6 Kitzig Design Studios

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Kitzig Design Studios develops interior design, architecture, communication design, and product design with a holistic approach. For each project, the teams of architects and interior designers, product designers, and communication designers want to shape the world in a unique way with values ​​such as sustainability, authenticity, progress, and sensuality.

7 Klein Associates KG

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

With passion and a feeling for the special features of the place, Klein Associates KG creates sustainable interior architecture and lighting concepts. The team is characterized by their creativity, precision, organization, and commitment when designing interiors with delightful decoration like contemporary neutral rugs.

8 Lomanns Interior Designs

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Lomanns Interior Designs stands for individual furnishing concepts. With the motto “No compromises on quality”, the team takes care of every decoration detail, from rugs to the overall concept. Whether the project is for private or business clients, they always get in direct contact and plan every little feature with great care.

9 Malzkorn

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Malzkorn offers services in terms of decorations, curtains, floor coverings, sun protection systems, and upholstery. With their own upholstery workshop and attached sewing studio, almost all individual requests can be taken into account, guaranteeing that the work is carried out by experienced interior designers.

10 Maria Hassler

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Maria Hassler is dedicated to the design of beautiful, healthy, and soulful spaces that improve the lives of the customers and the community itself. They develop sustainable and elegant solutions and then create structures that conserve resources and move architecture to ecological and ethical design!

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11 Monogold

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

With a great passion for creative design and a weakness for the subtle play of colors, Monogold develops interior concepts where the customers feel absolutely comfortable with the result. They not only generate individual solutions but also creative design and art in space through unconventional ideas and a sense of style that meets every requirement for modernity, timelessness, or future-oriented innovation.

12 Raumakzente

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Raumakzente is an innovative interior decorator that deals with the textile furnishing of contemporary living and working areas. They see themselves as a handicraft business with extensive services, from advising to decorating.

13 Raumkontor Innenarchitektur, Andrea Weitz & Jens Wendland

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Raumkontor is a transdisciplinary team of interior designers, architects, scenographers, and media designers that develops hotels, restaurants, design offices, shops, practices, and clinics. For each project, the company creates independent design solutions tailored to the client and the project situation, in order to build a holistic room.

14 RF Interior Design

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

RF Interior Design has been in the field of architecture and interior design since 1994. The company creates both new constructions and renovations, furnishes living and office spaces, plans fitness rooms, wellness zones, and pools, and develops lighting concepts for indoor and outdoor spaces. Their interior design is based on a timeless aesthetic with a perfectly functioning process and high-quality interiors, designed according to the personal requirements and wishes of the customers.

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15 Schwitzke

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Schwitzke is an international team that creates distinctive projects, with a focus on all phases. The group builds architecture and interior design, managing the entire process, no matter the complexity or size. For them, the consumer trends, technical innovations, and social and cultural developments are both a source of inspiration and an opportunity.

16 Susanne Kerßenboom

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Susanne kerßenbooom creates architecture and interior design with the mindset that must be a relationship between an individual and a room. Taking that statement into account, she develops interiors with the perfect balance between functionality, visual design, and creative individuality.

17 Studio Architects

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Founded by Claudia Blum and Hendrik Fraune in 2005, the Studio Architects focuses on the design and the interior of international high-class real estate and luxury hotels. 

18 Studio Oliver Jungel

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Studio Oliver Jungel is an architecture and interior design studio that balance the classic with the contemporary to redefine the idea of modern luxury. Their project portfolio goes from commercial high-end retail and residential designs to luxury yachts. Each project is individually embraced and brought to fruition with consummate creativity and deep expertise in fabrication and materials with the highest standards of quality and innovation.

19 Ulla Blennemann

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Ulla Blennemann and her team, along with their vision of developing architecture with the magic of interior design and contact with the outside space, work in new buildings, refurbishments, and conversions of existing properties, condominiums, and holiday homes. Contemporary or classic, they will surely add essence to any interior with their selection of modern furniture and decoration such as unique neutral rugs.

20 Wohnkultur Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf Interior Designers

Wohnkultur Düsseldorf provides a unique living experience with coordination between exquisite and selected materials, bathroom and living room furniture, furnishings, and custom-made items, as well as the precise craftsmanship.

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