The living room is a place to gather and spend time with our families and relatives. What comes to living room interiors is that it represents ourselves from bringing color to house and make you love your home more than ever.

The living room is such an important room, in which the carpet always looks good. Rugs have a very strong power: to harmonize the furnishings inside it, creating a pleasant atmosphere, or, in the case of a wrong choice, to mess up the furniture making it confusing and disharmonious.

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5 Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay Home


Geometric rugs are always a good choice to be part of the living room decoration. And you know why? Geometric patterns and shapes are so versatile that transform your living room in a colorful landscape made of bold details and charismatic features.

5 Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay Home


Neutral colors will be always trendy no matter what. The natural and organic tones are the excellence of interior design and provide lightness and elegance to any living room. In a discreet way, the neutral colors trend will make you feel so happy every time you get home.

5 Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay Home


Grey color evokes a sense of belonging, inclusion, and security and is known as the color of compromise which makes it a perfect color for your living room, especially when you already have other bold colors in the room. Being a neutral color, pair perfectly with almost all the colors and having it in your home will add sophisticated and elegant touches to any room you need to decorate.


5 Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay Home


Brown color creates a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere to the interiors and is perfect if you love nature and relaxing ambiances, especially if you love to be in touch with the earth and nature.  So, infuse your living room with the energy and the warmth of brown color and it will help you relax and find the right balance.

5 Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Stay Home


This living room is all a mid-century lover can ask for. With geometric patterns, gentle organic curves and different materials, this ambiance remet us between the mid-1930s and mid-1960s. Mid-century style brings in elements of the outdoors as well as natural light through large windows to create the feeling of a much larger outdoor space.

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