Grey colour is normally associated with the cold and winter season but this elegant and sophisticated colour, in fact, works all year. Truly, this colour evokes a sense of belonging, inclusion and security and is known as the colour of compromise which makes it a perfect colour for your home decor, especially when you already have other bold colours in the room.


Being a neutral colour, pair perfectly with almost all the colours and having it in your home will add sophisticated and elegant touches to any room you need to decorate.

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Air Rug

5 Grey Rugs For A Neutral Design

A contemporary living room in grey colours with our AIR rug, which brings geometric details to give the final touch to this room.

Dêco Rug

5 Grey Rugs For A Neutral Design

Inspired in the Art Deco movement, that peaked during the 1920s, Rug’Society has created the DÊCO rug, that represents the neutral collection in the best way possible. A rug full of glamour and sophistication, with an unusual shape and the addition of fringe, which you surely won’t be able to resist.

Inception Rug

5 Grey Rugs For A Neutral Design

Entryways is that part of the house where guests are welcomed, the first one you see entering and the last when you leave. It must be elegant and tasteful and our INCEPTION rug is perfect to achieve the perfect ambience.

Neptuno Rug

5 Grey Rugs For A Neutral Design

Inspired in the Roman God of the Sea and Freshwater, NEPTUNO rug brings not only the peace and tranquillity into your home whilst also representing the sea’s strength with its nautical motifs. By the strength of this God, a strong and 100% handmade rug was born, made with New Zealand Wool and Botanical Silk.

Xisto Rug

5 Grey Rugs For A Neutral Design

XISTO is inspired by various types of metamorphic rocks easily identifiable as being strongly laminated. The colour is due to blue and green-azure minerals. Shale is a kind of sedimentary rock from which oil and sulfur are extracted. When heated at high temperature, it turns into bitumen. A 100% handmade product that combines the use of hand-tufted and overtufting techniques with different materials – Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.

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