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Green products that will bring any room to life

Green is considered the colour of life due to its overwhelming presence in nature. It’s associated with growth, harmony and freshness. This colour is considered the most relaxing and uplifting on the spectrum, serving as an instant mood booster, making people feel less tired when they are surrounded by it and it’s even credited with the ability to reduce anxiety! After all, the place where performers go to relax isn’t called “green room” for no reason.

In interior design, green is an ideal background colour as we are so used to seeing it everywhere due to its abundance in nature.

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5 Green Products to Refresh Your Interior Design

However, too much of this tone can cause people to become placid and lazy, so Rug’Society has gathered 5 staple green pieces to bring a bold pop of freshness to your room without overpowering it.

Möos Rug

5 Green Products to Refresh Your Interior Design

This lovely rug handcrafted from natural wool and botanical silk has a bold yet engaging graphic design and a muted green colour that allows in to fit in seamlessly in almost any room while nevertheless offering a pop of colour and a sense of nature and freshness to any room it’s in.

Bogarde Armchair

5 Green Products to Refresh Your Interior Design

Inspired by the mid-century style, this green leather armchair is a versatile, stylish – and most of all, comfortable – piece to have in any living room, home office or hotel. If you want to incorporate a stunning hunter green hue with a retro twist into your room, there’s no better choice for you!


Congo Rug

5 Green Products to Refresh Your Interior Design

This stunning tapestry piece from Rug’Society’s Botanical Collection has a nature-inspired abstract pattern with rich and saturated green hues. This rug will automatically bring a feeling of undeniable indulgence to any living space.

Snake Rug

5 Green Products to Refresh Your Interior Design

Inspired by one of the oldest and most widely known mythological symbols, as well as a powerful creature according to diverse cultures, the snake rug is a homage to this imposing and sleek animal. Combining a black and white scaled pattern, as well as pink details to contrast with the green backdrop, this rug is a visually striking piece, guaranteed to steal the spotlight.

Diamond Emerald Sideboard

5 Green Products to Refresh Your Interior Design

Adopting the lines of the precious stone, this sideboard in emerald green is the definition of bold. This sideboard includes three highly sculptured doors that, when opened, reveal a gold leaf interior with shelving and two drawers. Its daring shape combined with its jewel tone makes for a one of a kind furniture piece that promises to be a head-turner.

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