Lobby rugs to make you feel happy every time you get home

Lobby is that part of the house where guests are welcomed, the first one you see entering and the last when you leave. It must be elegant and tasteful, in harmony with the rest of the spaces. Placing a rug immediately after the door will make those who enter feel like a star on the red carpet.

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Lobby Rugs To Make You Feel Inspired

Lobby rugs are about creating the best lobby design standards to create comfort on your home so that it creates the ideal luxurious environment at your house entrance to receive family and friends.


Our lobby design inspirations are all about creating and suggest the ideal lobby design to improve your housing experience and make you feel happy every time you come to your home.

Cell Gold

Lobby Rugs To Make You Feel Inspired

Gold is the perfect ally for home decoration. This royal colour is a nuance that is easily combined with any colour, further illuminating spaces and creating light points in rooms. Our Cell Rug with a neutral colour and gold details is the perfect tool to insert a touch of luxury into your living spaces.


Lobby Rugs To Make You Feel Inspired

With the fall-winter season here, it is important to feel cosy and comfortable in our spaces, because this will help you achieve a more positive attitude to face the cold days. The long pile of the rug, the neutral colours that remind us of the snow and the blue that convey to us the calm that we deserve, are the perfect combination for your winter interior design.



Lobby Rugs To Make You Feel Inspired

Black is the colour of mystery, independence and solemnity but this colour always keeps the ambiences more elegant and luxury. So, keep in mind that black is not dull or unimaginative, it’s original and poetic and the proof is our Ocli rug, with different geometric patterns and a minimalist sense.


Lobby Rugs To Make You Feel Inspired

Metallics are suitable for all room divisions and makes it a versatile feature and an essential element and as the gold, the silver accents have always been synonymous with luxury and greatness.


Lobby Rugs To Make You Feel Inspired

Neutral colours trend is all about discreet and trendy tones that provide lightness and elegance to any environment. In this trend, the natural and organic tones are the excellence of interior design and the perfect choice for the summer season.

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