Cantaloupe is the colour that can bring us encouragement and motivation. It’s a more active colour that inspires us to be active, increasing the sense of competition and the courage to assume risks. With a soft undertone of bright orange, lighter shades of red and mellow yellow. It’s a silkier version of the youthful oranges that have been making noise recently.

Cantaloupe - Trends 2019


Cantaloupe promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth.


Orange is really having a moment now and this cantaloupe is so much more beautiful and easier to be used in the interiors than bold orange.

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Cantaloupe - Trends 2019


Inspired to melon, this juicy shade is at the same time bright but milky and soft, yet quite easy to use. Cantaloupe is also close to the mix of the two main colour trends now in interiors: the pastel colour trend and the earthy tones, with rust and terracotta orange on top.


Cantaloupe - Trends 2019


Inspiration on a summer trip to Valencia, a Spanish city where the heat is dominant and the colours very vibrant, a city so strong and colourful could only be portrayed in neutral tones, where warm yellow invades.
The registration of neutral but warm colours that transports us for a comfort unparalleled by the different textures applied in this carpet.


Cantaloupe - Trends 2019

Essential Home

This colour reminds us of the summer and the warm sunsets by the beach. This colour is perfectly combined with softer oranges and pinks. Pinks are the perfect colour to blend with cantaloupe colour and create a sweet warm effect into interior design. Being an energizing colour that evokes happiness, the blacks and browns are the colours that we should avoid by their dark and heavy connotation. therefore, our Antelope Rug, show us that, when well combined, it can be an inspirational combination.


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