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Gdynia Design Days

Gdynia Design Days

The design event season is getting fuller with Gdynia Design Days 2019, the biggest summer design festival of Poland. Gdynia Design Days – famous for being the leading Baltic region festival – is the right place to immerse yourself into a highly-inspirational event, full of possibilities, where professionals, industry experts, designers, and design aficionados will converge to spend some days listening to seminars, discussions, and talks and participating in workshops and exhibitions.

Gdynia Design Days

Gdynia Design Days

Gdynia Design Days aim to be one of the biggest motivational design events of Poland providing the latest trends and best practices. This 2019 edition has chosen as motto “POLARISATION” to put an emphasis on the necessary dialogue in a world more divided than ever, in which different and opposite factions have to come together to start a conversation and reflect about their common issues and problems: engagement on contemporary’s problems – whether it be positive or negative – through a forum for debate is the real key to find valid solutions to a polarised reality. Do you want to know more about Gdynia Design Days 2019? Keep reading Gdynia Design Days 2019 Event Guide!

When & Where

Gdynia Design Days

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia

This 16th edition of Gdynia Design Days, organized by Gdynia Design Centre, will take place at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia / Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny Gdynia, from July 6th to 14th. Though the center will be the main locations, the city is excited to host events and installations related to the design event at the Gdynia City Museum / Muzeum Miasta Gdyni, Gdynia Film Centre / Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, Navy Club “Riwiera” and in the Tri-City area.

What you can’t miss

Gdynia Design Days

Open’er Festival

On July 6th the participants of the Open’er Festival will be invited to an hour-long guided tour of the best exhibitions and installations at the PPNT Gdynia. Design related projects will be the focus of the tours, that will start in 4 rounds between 12 PM and 3 PM, to give everyone the possibility to participate.


Gdynia Design Days

Me | We

As one of the main exhibitions, me | we will try to explain how the common theme – polarization – actually affects our lives. Designer Izabela Bołoz will try to give an answer to the question “Is the happiness of “me” possible without “us”?”: in an extremely globalized world in which contact and communication among people can be so fast and easy – but also totally impossible due to the shift of the attention from us to me – we have become more distant and depressed.

The selected works will try to describe and find a balance between everyone’s need for independence and the will of contact with our peers. Self-realization, fulfilling our dreams, be in contact with others and living in a community are some of the aspects explored in the exhibition show.


Gdynia Design Days

Agnieszka Jacobson

Exhibition curator and design theoretician Agnieszka Jacobson– Cielecka and designer and researcher Karol Muralak present the “(no) more waste” installations: the focus will be on the trash and how something that has always been considered an industry’s waste will be re-used in a new and responsible manner, to change the erroneous ways of our past productions.

Gdynia Design Days

(No) More Wast

Pairs of objects will – united by materials and purposes – will be presented together: one created by a design studio and made by hand as a potential future product; the other one, instead, created in a research lab financed by the industry, now ready to take action. Discover how our trash bins might become treasures!

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