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LA Studio is an interior design studio which, since the last 18 years, has always focused on find and research original and unique pieces of art. The main focus, are the pieces of designer from XX century whose provenience is Germany, United States, France, and Italy.

LA Studio

Bahía Santander

The pieces of art and design, have all the attention from the part of the LA Studio. Being a multidisciplinary company, the vision of the projects have always an art direction, thus creating spaces where the subject of the daily pieces and products are not present.

LA Studio

Paseo De Los Lagos

In their projects, the LA Studio always advise their clients with proposals that transmit the essence of the company and that represent their work. Marked by a strong personality, the projects of private houses or even in the hotels, the presence of icons from the XX century are a brand image.

LA Studio

Antonio Maura

Furniture renting is a service that the company offers to its clients and consist of rent their pieces to film producers, advertising or events. LA Studio has three six categories of products: seating, art, lighting, accessories, tables, and furniture. All the products have a contemporary and irreverent style, as a common characteristic.

LA Studio

Showroom Ibiza

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