Dining room rug.

dining room rug


The main reason why you choose to buy a dining room rug usually concerns the possibility of repairing the floor from bumps and scratches or creating a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.

In reality it is not just a purely aesthetic factor: a carpet can serve many more things, such as limiting noise pollution, giving the opportunity to walk barefoot at home (an activity loved especially by children), and to hide small scratches and imperfections in the floor, making them invisible to guests.

As with everything, however, it is necessary to choose which carpet is best suited to the surrounding environment, without neglecting the fact that it must also reflect our personality. There are indeed some little tips that will help you avoid the most classic mistakes.

Let’s start with size: it is a very important factor when choosing a rug, even more if the room in question is the dining room, due to the size room and its importance. If you decide to place the rug under the dining table, it is important that the rug is larger than the table and that its legs are included in the surface of the rug, otherwise you risk swinging on the chairs and having balance problems. The rug must make the room more majestic so it is good that it is large, without exaggerating.

dining room rug


Although most of the carpets are rectangular, it is only a cliché. There are also fantastic round ones. The advice is to follow the shape of the table under which you want to place the rug, or the shapes most present in the room.

dining room rug


Being a room where you eat, there is the risk that the carpet can get dirty, so the choice of the material is important: you prefer a fabric that is easy to clean and not too heavy if you want to remove or move it.

dining room rug


The colour and texture of your rug can be the starting point on which to base the entire harmony of the room or to tie together seemingly incompatible parts. Playing with textures is fun, but don’t overdo it: you need to be able to exploit them to your advantage. A striped rug will give the feeling of being in a larger or longer room; dark-colored carpets are best combined with more sophisticated and modern furnishings, while light colors with more classic and ethereal decor.

dining room rug


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