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Frédéric Chambre

The Impossible Collection of Design

Frédéric Chambre


Frédéric Chambre is a design expert who became a partner at the Calmels-Chambre-Cohen auction house in 1996. Frédéric Chambre co-founded Pierre Bergé and Associates in 2002 and became vice president and partner in 2005. He was co-organizer of the February 2009 sale of the Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé collection at Christie’s in Paris. In 2012 Frédéric Chambre joined PIASA as head of strategy and development, and he is currently vice president and general manager.

Frédéric Chambre

Frédéric Chambre

Frédéric Chambre Frédéric Chambre Frédéric Chambre


In the Impossible Collection of Design (this amazing beautiful luxury edition) Fréderic combines his selection of furniture designs unspools like the frames of a film, an epic picture composed of one hundred years of creative innovations in form, materials, and techniques.

In the last years, the decorative furnishings niche has become of tremendous interest to collectors, causing a surge in the auction market and bringing record sales.

Frédéric Chambre Frédéric Chambre

As in art history, themes can be traced across changing trends: design versus the machine, design versus craft, design versus art, like a story that continues to unfold. This luxury edition traces the development of twentieth-century design from the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements through Bauhaus and Art Deco, Pop Art and the Memphis school, to today’s digital age, illustrating the dynamic story of a groundbreaking century through the evolution of everyday human objects.

Frédéric Chambre

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