Art Deco Trend

Art Deco


Art Deco Trend influence is to become more prominent in the upcoming year, inspiring both textile design and furniture silhouettes. From a colour perspective, pink continues to be very strong in decoration. Given that, we expect colours that complement the blush hue to do very well, specifically, olive green, oxblood, and navy.

This trend is the new mid-century modernism interior trend. As one of the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history, hints of Art Deco are popping up in detailing on tables, chairs, lighting and the mixed metals trend also give a nod to the style.

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The new Art Deco is a bit more streamlined than the old style of this trend, filtered through a modern sensibility. It’s fresh, colourful and playful, just what the interior design scene needs right now.

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How about this style? What’s is your favourite piece?

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