For those you don’t yet, HOME’SOCIETY is a brand that has beautiful and modern luxury goods for your home. This brand is unique could be defined as a “fetich” brand. A brand that interprets memories and creates dreams.

“your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love” – Nate Berkus

For those who consume the products of the brand keep in mind that the uniqueness of a Home’S soul could be measured by his culture, his knowledge, his generosity, his style, and his classy way to deal with the world. Is a humble person and still have a very nice taste for a luxury world. It’s a very rare soul that never makes us forget that what you give is what you get!

This week at Maison et Object HOME’SOCIETY will present the Cabinet MIRA[AGE] a beautiful handcrafted masterpiece. They only going to have 10 units of this piece, with that you can see the uniqueness and exclusivity of the brand.

So you can know more about this cabinet, the MIRA[AGE] cabinet results in the culmination of emotions and self-expression. Our most experienced craftsmen were challenged to give life to a piece that mixes a various range of materials and embodies different techniques. In this cabinet, all the details count and together they create a unique and exclusive piece.

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