We underestimate the importance of a rug in a room, they can transform the place. So we getter round some stylish rugs so you can have an idea of what you can use in your home. So here some tips for Stylish Design Rugs for a modern room. Get Inspired!

Inspired in a Spanish London Townhouse, you can see the jewel tones bring color to the room.
The decorator Patricia Sanchiz transforms a storied London townhouse into a refuge of rich textures, gemstone colors, and couture details.  The striking orange curtains contrast with the light grey rug that consequently makes an interesting contrast with the tree inspired console design.

The mythological standard in this rug automatically takes us back to ancient Greece. You can see it in the mixture of shapes and patterns standing out in alluring shades of brown. The burgundy smirks contrast elegantly with the golden Emporium Fur chair.

This luxurious room decoration by Fabrizio Rollo has such a modern style but at the same time classic. The Louis XV-style armchairs antique contrast with the contemporary rug style.

This duplex in São Paulo is decorated in eclectic style and intriguing that is highlighted by the many decoration elements namely the eye-catching Moroccan rug.

To really make you guest dazzle and yourself to try picking out a rug in a bright and playful color, like a lively green. The electric hue will pop and bring out different colors tucked away in the room decoration.

Here we can see a piece of the house of the star of Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo, went for a classy yet effortless white and blue interior design. Does she have a really great taste isn’t she?

In Kate and Rem Reynolds living room in Windsor Terrace has such a mid-century modern vibe that is accentuated by a nude color rug. The Moroccan inspired carpet can be adapted to every home decor.

A lush rug contributes to the overflowing texture of this cheery room. The silk yellow curtains give that colorful touch that this interior design needed.

A color palette of black, white and dark blue brings soul and modernity, into an elegant interior design composition. The gradient on the curtains is another home decor ideas to fill the sleek interiors. The chic rug pattern combines in perfection with the rest of the room decoration.

A large rug in Trousdale Estates Contemporary Home, Photo Courtesy of Dennis Gibbens Architects. This kind-of marble rug design is the perfect addition for an all in the white interior design.


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