After you read about this 5 trends of the tapestry for 2019, you will sure that you need a beautiful carpet to give more character to your home. But how can you choose to include the carpet that gets better on a specific space in the house?

The piece of tapestry is so much more than you think, is a product full of character with everything from bold patterns to sustainable materials. So we can make things easier for you, and as we are a step ahead, we brought you today the Top 5 Tapestry Trends for 2019.

1. Entryways

Entryways set the tone for a home. You would think that so many people would choose a dark rug to hide the dirt, but they want to make their entryway as luxurious as a living room or bedroom.

These two rugs by Rug’Society are great examples of what to have in your entryway if you’re feeling adventurous enough for a graphic print. The Air rug is inspired by photographs of architecture, playing with light, shadow, and perspectives.

The Valencia rug is inspired by where the heat is dominant and the colors very vibrant, a city so strong and colorful could only be portrayed in neutral tones, where warm yellow invades.

2. Bigger Sizes

People tend to pay more attention to the size of a rug and want to make sure it truly fits into their space. Since all rooms are not created equal, standard sizes just don’t fit and people are switching to custom-made rugs and carpets. They have the opportunity to experience the luxury of a rug made specifically for that space, and they see it as an investment that they will have for a long time.

Rug’Society can provide an exclusive service with rugs made especially for your space, even the graphics rugs like Oscar and Simbaboth a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves.

3. Low-Pile Heights

Low-pile heights will still be popular in 2019. They are easier to clean, and even with moving doors and furniture, you don’t see any marks.

4. Jute

While wool and silk will still be popular in the high-end market, Barnett believes there’s another material that’s worth considering in 2019.

Jute is a fiber that is often overlooked, but there are so many looks you can get from it that isn’t just a plain flatweave rug. It’s also good for people who have allergies.”

5. Multicolored Designs

Blue, green, taupe, and burgundy will continue to appear in rug designs in 2019, but multicolored styles will also be the go-to choice. A multicolored rug is a great option for designers, so they don’t have to narrow down their color choices.

Rug’Society is a master at working with color and design. These two great examples are the Gaudi and Haar rugs, both with a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, 100% handmade.

So here it the top 5 and most important trends for the next year!

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