10 Different collections to suit any style.
From graphic to organic designs, with short or long piles.

Inkage Hallway Rug by Rug'Society

Urban | Collection

A collection that brings the city art to your home.

Inkage Hallway Rug by Rug'Society

Shaggy | Collection

Comfort and warmth with an unforgettable touch, through the long pile of alls rugs from this collection.

Living Room With Lucy Rug of Lounge Collection by Rug'Society

Lounge | Collection

A collection that comes to innovate the concept of long rugs, showcasing grandiosity through of shapes, sizes, and style.

Art Gallery With Simba Geometric Rug by Rug'Society

Geometric | Collection

A collection that contemplates a variety of colors, mostly vibrant and warm, with volatile geometric forms.

Mid-Century Living Room With Terrazzo Rug by Rug'Society

Neutral | Collection

Neutral colors, simple lines, clean shapes, creations that carries lightness.

Art Gallery With Redleh Classic Rug by Rug'Society

Classic | Collection

Pulsing colors, timeless patterns, luxurious materials, bold graphic designs and authentic creations without limits.

Hallway With Agatha Botanical Rug by Rug'Society

Botanical | Collection

Framed prints, crowded flower patterns, stamped animal figures, are the rich details of this collection.

The Whale's Tale Rug by Kids Colection - Rug'Society

Kids | Collection

A complete rugs collection for a world full of wonder. A partnership between Circu and Rug'Society.

Spirit Rug by Studio Colection - Rug'Society

Studio | Collection

Just like a gallery, this collection provides you new and exclusive art works, turned into unique rugs.

Sophisticated Hallway With Brick Leather Rug by Rug'Society

Leathers | Collection

An extraordinary selection of hides and leathers with the best finishings, and made in Italy, Spain and Portugal.


6 different shapes with distinctive designs to make any ambience exquisite and refined.

Neutral Hallway With Oscar Geometric Rug by Rug'Society

Rectangular | Shape

Oslo Rug Inspiration by Rug'Society

Round | Shape

Neutral Hallway With Dêco Irregular Rug by Rug'Society

Irregular | Shape

Klepatra Oval Rug by Rug'Society

Oval | Shape

Medusa Runner Rug by Rug'Society

Runner | Shape

Royalis in a Square Shape by Rug'Society

Square | Shape


The unique designs come to life through the hands of our craftsmen who give life to rugs that are authentic pieces of art.

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Design Service - Rug'Society

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