Wall Rugs are super accessories to create a focal point in your spaces and a fantastic way to fill your vertical space. They are normally used as the central point of a room, similar to a piece of artwork, and will surely give your room a stylish and modern twist. If you want to feel like you have a piece of art in your home, wall rugs are the right modern choice.

A stunning wall rug on the entryway, inspired by the sea's feminine essence. Designed by Rug´Society and handmade with botanical silk and lurex, it adds elegance and allure to any project. Wall rugs

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The Power of Wall Rugs to Transform Your Spaces

Wall rugs – the unsung heroes of interior design. These exquisite pieces from Rug’Society not only adorn your walls but also infuse luxury and sophistication into every inch of your house. Wall rugs, often dubbed “super accessories,” possess a unique ability to create focal points in any space they grace. With their intricate designs and lavish materials, they command attention and admiration, much like a masterpiece hanging in a gallery. So we choose some of our rugs that embody this essence of luxury and opulence, elevating the ambiance of any room.

A modern contemporary hallway featuring a Vase wall rug as the focal point. The rug, reminiscent of a piece of art, adds a modern twist to the space, immortalizing its beauty and timelessness. Wall rugs

When strategically placed, wall rugs become the heart and soul of a room. In hallways, where space is typically limited, these rugs effortlessly transform blank walls into captivating central points, welcoming guests with an air of elegance and refinement. A hallway adorned with the VASE rug from Rug’Society’s Classic collection instantly becomes a gallery-worthy passage.

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The VASE rug, a bestseller from the Classic Collection. Its simple design and neutral colors make it a desired tapestry, handcrafted with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk using three different techniques: Hand-tufting, Overtufting, and Carving. Wall rugs


Add a Pop of Color to Your Wall with Stylish Wall Rugs

A nature-inspired hallway adorned with the Savana wall rug, showcasing botanical motifs and geometric elegance. Infusing the space with a captivating blend of botanical inspirations and geometric elements. Wall rugs

In Rug’Society’s Botanical Collection, the Savana rug stands out as the epitome of botanical beauty. Its design captures the essence of the savanna, transporting you to a world where the power of nature reigns supreme. As you walk down this hallway, you can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the natural world. From the earthy hues of the rug to its intricate botanical motifs, every detail exudes the beauty and harmony found in nature. The Savana rug by Rug’Society brings a geometric spin to this hallway, infusing it with a touch of modern elegance while still staying true to its roots.

From Myth to Majesty through Wall Rugs

The REDLEH wall rug, a bestseller from the Classic Collection. Inspired by Chinese mythology, it brings power, strength, and good luck to the hallway. Handmade with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk, it adds luxury and nobility to the wall decor. Wall rugs

Imagine a hallway bathed in the warm glow of Illuminating, radiating a sense of vitality and hope. This color, reminiscent of the sun’s rays, invites us to embrace deeper feelings and welcomes us with open arms into a space filled with warmth and positivity. And what better way to enhance this ambiance than with the classic Redleh Rug? As you walk through this space, you can’t help but feel a sense of reverence for the ancient traditions and legends that inspire its design.

The Impact of Wall Rugs on Reading Corners

A cozy mid-century reading corner featuring the Joh wall rug, its geometric design playing with light and texture to create a captivating visual display. This elegant and comfortable rug adds to the ambiance, making it the ideal relaxation spot. Wall rugs

Whether adorning the floor or gracing the wall, the Joh rug transforms your space into a canvas of light and shadow. Its intricate design plays with perspective and color, reminiscent of an abstract painting brought to life. With each glance, you’re drawn deeper into its depths, exploring the interplay of shapes and hues that dance across its surface. So, sink into your favorite chair, lose yourself in a good book, and let the Joh rug transport you to a world of imagination and wonder.

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The JOH rug, a bestseller from the Geometric Collection. Its graphic design combines light and shadows with varying perspectives of relief colors, accented by wood brown shades. This colorful rug is the perfect Mid-Century piece. Wall rugs

Embracing Tranquility in Your Autumnal Reading Corner

Alt text: A cozy reading corner with neutral tones and golden accents, evoking the warmth of autumn. The Neptuno rug adorns the wall, inspired by the sea, adding a touch of tranquility to the space. Its blend of patterns, designs, and materials showcases creativity and innovation. Wall rugs

In your cozy autumn reading corner, neutral tones and golden accents create a soothing atmosphere. But it’s the Neptuno as a wall rug that steals the show, inspired by the vastness of the sea and its calming influence. With its unique blend of patterns and materials, this rug dares to be different, showcasing creativity and innovation. As you lose yourself in a book, take a moment to appreciate the tranquility the wall rug brings to your space.

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