Moody Reading Corner Design With The Prisma Rug by Rug'Society

Moody Reading Corner Design With The Prisma Rug

reading corner

Capturing the essence of a moody reading corner, the Davis Armchair in a lush green hue sets the stage for a retreat into solitude and reflection. Complementing this focal point, the Prisma Rug lays beneath, a masterpiece of geometry and neutral tones. Its design, inspired by the classic forms of Bauhaus, merges history with modernity, and classic graphs with contemporary aesthetics. This unique hand-tufted rug, with its overlays of forms and binary rhythm, not only grounds the space but also elevates it, inviting balance and a meditative ambiance. Together, the green-toned armchair and the Prisma Rug create a sanctuary for those moments stolen from the day for reading, reflecting, or simply being enveloped by the room's thoughtfully curated calm.
Moody Reading Corner Design With The Prisma Rug by Rug'Society

Moody Reading Corner Design With The Prisma Rug

reading corner

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