Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

The Milan Design Week is just around the corner; the Salone del Mobile 2023 is less than a week away, and we can’t wait! This article will introduce you to some of the luxury brands that will be on display at Isaloni this year.


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Milan Design Week 2023 – Luxury Brands

1. Amini Carpets

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Amini Carpets

Amini is a brand of ABC (Amini Brothers Company), a company founded by Sultan Amini in 1962. Its advanced and dynamic structure distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind reality in the interior design industry, where it is renowned for its ability to design, execute, and market all types of carpet: handcrafted or machined; contemporary or special limited editions by sophisticated artists; “bespoke” or “industrial.” 

2. antoniolupi

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

They actively work every day to make the bathroom in the future home a place of discovery. A tailored space, tailored to the body and soul, because the man is at the heart of all their projects. 

3. Besana Carpet Lab

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Besana Carpet Lab

They have been making textile products out of high-quality raw materials and with respect for the environment for over forty years through research and innovation. Their goal has always been to create an innovative approach to carpet that can meet any requirement, including the development of an online configurator that allows anyone to create exquisite, customised rugs. Besana works with designers from all over the world to create designs with distinct aesthetics while maintaining the inherent functionality of this textile covering.


Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

BRABBU is a design brand that embodies an intense way of life, infusing fierceness, strength, and power into urban living. They pass on a unique experience in every piece they design and produce by using a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, and rugs, as well as sensory design. Every day, their tribe of designers and craftsmen searches for the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to give the spaces the comfort, functionality, and personality they deserve.

BRABBU‘s diverse customization solutions, wide range of materials, fabrics, and finishes, and short lead-time collection provide everything needed for a successful project. BRABBU exhibits at the world’s most prestigious design events with new versatile design products for eclectic environments that anticipate future trends. Handcrafted in Europe and sold worldwide, they are the preferred choice for the world’s most remarkable high-end residential and hospitality projects.

5. cc-tapis

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

cc-tapis is an Italian company that creates contemporary hand-knotted rugs in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans. Nelcya Chamszadeh and Fabrizio Cantoni of France founded the company, which has been producing hand-knotted rugs in Nepal for over 18 years. In 2011, cc-tapis relocated to Milan, where a team of designers led by Daniele Lora, art-director and partner, innovates through a new approach to traditional methods.

The company’s eco-friendly approach to every step of production, from hand spinning the softest Himalayan wool to the use of purified rainwater for the final products, reflects a strong respect for the materials and the culture of this ancient craft, making each cc-tapis rug unique.




6. Connubia

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Connubia is a brand of Calligaris Group, an Italian company that has evolved over its 100-year history thanks to its ability to intelligently combine artistic abilities and innovation. What drives them is the desire to create products that appeal to people’s tastes and bring them together. Products that add value while paying close attention to our planet’s well-being. They achieve this by combining their artisans’ knowledge and skills, which have been passed down through the generations to promising young talent, with new technologies, new materials, and innovative development techniques. All of the materials they use adhere to strict standards in which quality and sustainability are essential components at all stages of the design and manufacturing processes.

7. e15

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

e15 is a premium interior brand in Europe known for its iconic furniture collection. The company, based in Frankfurt, Germany, stands for consistent, progressive design combined with high-quality materials and innovative, handcrafted production methods. The brand is defined by the unique backgrounds of architect and founder Philipp Mainzer and designer and art director Farah Ebrahimi, who have a strong foundation in architecture and design.

8. Ferreira de Sá

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Ferreira de Sá

Founded in 1946 in Portugal by Joaquim Ferreira de Sá, a dedicated manufactory in the north of Portugal, has maintained its roots and evolved into one of Europe’s largest and oldest luxury rug manufacturers. They create their rug collections with care and use three different manufacturing techniques: hand/robot-tufting, flatweave, and hand-woven. Both are run by skilled artisans who are passionate about handcrafted rugs.

9. Golran 1898

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Golran 1898

Their nomadic story began in 1898 in Mashad, Persia, with the trading and manufacture of carpets, emulating to some extent the fate of the objects they produce: headquarters in Milan since 1968, production in Nepal since early 2000, art direction in Paris as of 2010, global marketing from the start. The business Eliahu, Elia, Nathan, and Benjamin inherited from their great grandfather Hajizadeh Golran, then passed down by their fathers, Nemat and Ruben, along with the teachings of the great master knotters in Persia, Turkey, and India, form a valuable cultural background now accessible to the design world and tailored to the technological evolution.

10. Home’Society

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Home’Society is a brand collective that aims to provide a one-stop shop for anyone looking to create unique interiors and reconnect them to a modern contemporary style. Exploring interiors room by room to provide complete solutions and support to those who want to refresh their spaces or deliver interior projects that will stand out.



11. Illulian

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Illulian, a historic and prestigious rug company brand, has never stopped evolving in its over 60 years of activity through a process of uninterrupted growth, participating in great projects and collaborating with prestigious figures in the worlds of architecture, design, and fashion.
Founded in 1959, the rug company now led by Shahnaz Illulian and her sons Davis and Bendis Ronchetti is an exclusive benchmark in the field of antique as well as luxurious contemporary rugs, with collections that represent true works of art that retain their charm unaltered over time, as well as exclusive furnishing proposals.

12. Maison Valentina

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Maison Valentina, a high-end product design brand for exquisite and sophisticated bathrooms, dressing rooms, and closets, was founded in Porto, Portugal. Since 2014, the comfort and luxury you seek in other home divisions has been transported into the bathroom through design, functionality, and craftsmanship. Maison Valentina, as an outstanding brand, is recognised as a reference in the global luxury bathroom market, elevating luxury and pushing the market to new heights.

13. Minotti

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Minotti is an Italian company with a solid international reputation as an excellent expression of “Made in Italy” in contemporary furniture design and an ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality segments. Alberto Minotti’s intuition led to the establishment of the company in 1948. The small-scale artisan workshop grew quickly and, beginning in the 1960s, took on a more industrialised character and size. Renato and Roberto Minotti took over the reins of the company after their father died unexpectedly in 1991, and began a process of growth and expansion into international markets. They have shared their creative vision and aesthetic key-principles with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who has been assigned the strategic role of Art Director and coordinator of all the company collections, since 1998. A story of Italian excellence has also been shared by the third generation, with Alessio, Alessandro, Susanna, and Leonardo at the forefront, as they face the challenges of the third millennium, of the digital and multicultural world.

14. Missoni

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

The Missoni Home Collection is one of the most visible manifestations of the Missoni spirit. With textile elements to wear and furnishings to decorate, there is perfect harmony between the person and the environment. Colors and patterns adorn the home, making each space unique and dynamic.

15. Mohebban

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

A rug is more than just a decorative item: it is a piece of cultural history that has been passed down from generation to generation, rich in know-how, skills, and sophisticated techniques. The physical and spiritual dimensions are defined by the shape of the rugs. The rug-knotting tells an age-old story that is projected into modern living, adding beauty and an exclusive touch to the owner’s private universe. This responsibility should not be taken lightly, and the Mohebban family is well aware of what is expected of them.

Mohebban has been producing high-quality rugs since the early 1970s, but the company has never lost sight of its core values and the significance of this ancient art form steeped in history. The journey of the company began in Iran, the family’s homeland, and ended in Milan, where the company headquarters was founded more than a half-century ago; it has strong ties to Turkey, India, and Pakistan, where rug production now takes place. Three generations of the family have shared the same international vision; a vision that embraces tradition, with attention to detail, age-old gestures, and procedures projected to contemporary living, while always focusing on the designs and challenges of today’s ever-changing dynamics.

16. nanimarquina

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

The Marquina home has always been filled with design elements. Rafael Marquina, Nani’s father and designer of the famous Marquina oil cruet, was a pioneer of Spanish industrial design. This had an impact on Nani, who was drawn to her father’s creative ability and decided to follow in his footsteps. However, in the 1970s, a new design path emerged, closer to art and craftsmanship, with which Nani was eager to experiment.

When Spain’s dictatorship ended and democracy was restored, the country was completely transformed. Revolutionary changes occurred at every level—economic, social, and political. The design bonanza was a period of extraordinary vitality, euphoria, and celebration. Against this backdrop, nanimarquina took the market by storm with a completely novel concept: transforming the traditional rug into a contemporary design product.

At the time, both the emerging professions of industrial designer and entrepreneur were reserved for men. That did not stop Nani Marquina from starting a business, designing and marketing her product, and, in 1994, moving production to India, where she discovered the unlimited scope of craftsmanship and the cultural value of the rug. They continue to manufacture our rugs in India, Pakistan, and Nepal today, with an unwavering respect for tradition and the environment.

They have been working with Care & Fair, an organisation founded in 1994 to combat child labour and improve the lives of rug manufacturers and their families in India and Pakistan, since 2002. Care & Fair has funded the Amita Vidyalaya school in Bhadohi through the Kala project, as well as health centres in collaboration with other companies in the sector, with the financial support of nanimarquina.

17. Nilufar

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Discovering, overcoming, and creating. Nina Yashar believes in the importance of design in telling stories. In 1979, she established Nilufar Gallery in Milan. The Gallery expanded its headquarters in via della Spiga in 1999, under the direction of Italian designer GianCarlo Montebello. The first decade of the new century saw a series of experiments and contaminations that bolstered the Gallery’s reputation as a reference point for historical and contemporary design enthusiasts.

Nina Yashar opened Nilufar Depot in 2015 in a building that used to house a cutlery factory. This large space of 1,500 square metres, arranged over three levels with a layout inspired by Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, seats a portion of Yashar’s extensive design collection in an atmosphere that allows contemporary design to find a harmonious connection with iconic pieces of historical design.
Nilufar Gallery presents collaborations and exclusive projects by contemporary designers every year.
The constant search for vintage rarities and contemporary masterpieces only strengthens Nilufar’s position at the forefront of the international design scene.

18. Platinum Custom Rugs

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Platinum Custom Rugs

Platinum Custom Rugs is first and foremost inspired by Italy, with the beauty of its incomparable places and the stylistic figures of a world-renowned artistic and cultural tradition. All of this has been passed down to Italian designers, who have created iconic pieces and rugs with a tailored focus that express artisanal excellence. From family to business, attitude to business. Platinum Custom Rugs has been making rugs on the international stage since 1982. They are pleased with their growth in the home aesthetics sector. Platinum Custom Rugs values manufacturers who represent a centuries-old cultural heritage by interpreting tradition with new patterns and constantly capturing new stylistic trends.

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

19. Roche Bobois

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a global leader in the design and distribution of furniture. Working closely with renowned designers such as Marcel Wanders, Kenzo Takada, Ora Ito, Cédric Ragot, Sacha Lakic, Christophe Delcourt, and Stephen Burks, as well as Haute Couture fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni, and Christian Lacroix Maison, Roche Bobois offers a wide range of exclusive made-to-order designs, manufactured in small European workshops with a high level of customization.

20. Sartori

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Sartori believes in the millenary tradition of the handmade rug, which is synonymous with high quality, making our product a perfect union of elegance, history, and innovation when combined with our Italian design. The rug, an often-overlooked furnishing accessory, can help to define and enrich the style of a room by making it more harmonious.

21. Atelier Tapis Rouge

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Atelier Tapis Rouge

Atelier Tapis Rouge is a well-known rug brand with headquarters in Milan and production facilities in Nepal. Respect for both people and the environment is required for their work. They carefully monitor the environmental friendliness of their production by employing environmentally friendly materials and techniques.

22. Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023
Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Tonino Lamborghini’s furnishings interpret luxury with refined personality, revealing the impeccable quality that is synonymous with Made in Italy as well as the impactful design that has always distinguished the Bull’s brand.
Tonino Lamborghini Casa models elegantly evoke the world of vintage and modern luxury sports cars, both in design lines and materials used, and are inspired by the brand’s automotive and mechanical heritage. The stylistic elements supported by high-tech, lightweight, and precious materials add a touch of unique beauty to this collection’s appeal.

23. Woodnotes

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Ritva Puotila and her son Mikko Puotila founded the Finnish design company Woodnotes in 1987, and still own the company. Woodnotes’ original concept was to combine artistic creativity inspired by Finland’s rugged nature with valuable craftsmanship and advanced technologies, while utilising basic Finnish raw materials, wood and paper. Woodnotes is the first company in the world to use paper yarn in functional textiles in a modern way. Ritva Puotila wanted to use paper yarn because of its unique properties, not as a substitute for other materials.

24. Yo2

Milan Design Week: Luxury Brands At Isaloni 2023

Yo2 is a leading design company that offers innovative solutions to international clients. Yo2’s design philosophy is to enrich their clients’ homes and workplaces with beautiful creations that respect culture while also incorporating a classical influence. Each collection has been created with the client in mind, and each product can be customised by their design team.

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