Paris Déco Off – International Home Decor Event

Paris Déco Off is the «rendez-vous» of international interior designers and decoration editors. Next edition starts January 18 and will last until the 22nd, 2023. Paris Déco Off expresses design with its fabrics, wallpapers, and rugs.

Paris Déco Off 2023 – What’s In Store?

Paris Déco Off is a free event. Open to the general public and professionals, Paris Déco Off has more than 40.000 visitors and 100 showrooms… An inescapable occasion that shouldn’t be missed, where more than 120 brands warmly welcome you to their showroom as if you were a guest.

Paris Déco Off - International Home Decor Event

Carole Locatelli and Hughes Charuit wanted to highlight the vibrant international decoration market in Paris when they created Paris Déco Home. to establish Paris as the center of design.

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Paris Déco Home will be run by the same crew that organizes Paris Déco Off, bringing the same energy, accessibility, and welcoming spirit to this event.

Paris Déco Off - International Home Decor Event

The event’s essence should be centered around four pillars: conviviality, elegance, daring, and a sense of fun. It should be geared toward professionals and the general public.

Paris Déco Off – 18th – 22nd January

The city’s showroom for international Maisons that create and sell home furnishings. This exhibition, which includes furnishings, lighting, carpets, bed linens, and decorative accessories, goes hand in hand with the textiles and wall coverings displayed at the concurrent Paris Déco Off.

Paris Déco Off - International Home Decor Event

Each brand will premiere its pop-up or showroom in a friendly setting that encourages discourse, as if welcoming friends over who have gathered to discuss a certain concept.


Paris Déco Off - International Home Decor Event

Designers Guild will honor the lyrical beauty of traditional Japanese arts and handmade textiles at Paris Déco off,, capturing the tranquility and elegance of these ancient crafts with a lively and dynamic edge.

Exquisite floral studies are exhibited alongside artisanal tie-dye-inspired graphic motifs and mirrored damask forms to create a contemporary mood with character. For curtains, pillows, blinds, and a range of cotton and natural linen grounds, as well as for ostentatious statement upholstery.

Paris Déco Off - International Home Decor Event

This year Paris Déco Off takes as a source of inspiration opulent home decors with a modern vibe that are ecologically responsible design and can live in harmony. Three new Essentials collections expanding the substantial library of plains and textures will be showcased there.

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