Rug Inspirations With Vibrant Colors

Rug inspirations for this summer! As the days get warmer, you might wish to redecorate your interior with more colorful items to bring some cheerful ambiance to your interior. In this article we will showcases the most beautiful contemporary rugs with the best summer vibes to style your indoors and outdoors.

Rug Inspirations

The color and style of your rug can set the tone of the area because it serves as an anchor. Dark, rich hues create a more intimate room, whilst lighter colors make a smaller space feel larger. We have prepared a list of the best rug inspirations for this summer so keep on scrolling.

The Best Rug Inspirations For Your Interior

rug inspirations: modern contemporary dining room with round geometric rug in several colors

Warm colors like yellow, orange, and red bring warmth, while cold colors, especially in a sunny environment, produce a relaxing ambiance. The LOLA RUG reunites both in a bright geometric pattern. The white dining chairs and back dining table let the rug be the center of attention in this interior.

isaloni 2022: rug inspirations

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rug inspirations: green rug from urban collection from rug society


Pick a fresh color palette for this summer with green, blue and yellow colors. The DISRUPTION RUG is ideal for an outdoor patio. Its design has elegant decorative accents that will style your outdoors with a sense of refinement. The rug is also available on different colors, so pick your favorite one! Rug’Society design team will grant all of your wishes.

modern rug with a urban design isnpired by city life and street art. An iconic contemporary rug


rug inspirations: green rug for the summer to decorate your hallway

An easy summer decor inspiration is anything with greenery. One can not share rug inspirations for the summer without highlighting the beautiful SNAKE RUG. One can almost smell fresh cut grass by simply looking at this rug. It is a lovely piece of decoration to add some joyful feeling to a room.

snake rugs collection. Rug Inspirations With Vibrant Colors

Colorful Rug Inspirations

Rug Inspirations With Vibrant Colors: blue rug for living room


Blue is totally the color of summer, the EYE RUG reminds us of the sea with its bright blue and circular pattern that creates a fluid movement. Not only that blue is also a cool color that might at least mentally feel like the room feels fresher in the hot summer days. So a blue rug is ideal for summer time.

rug inspirations: modrn contemporary blue rug with circular design that ressembles an eye


rug inspirations: wall rugs to decorate hallway in a unconventional way

Think out of the box and use rugs as paintings. It’s a innovative way to decorate your walls with incredible designs. The OSCAR RUG has a geometric design inspired by the artistic cubism movement. This rug will definitely be the best accent piece for an interior. Isn’t it one of the best rug inspirations you have seen?

rug inspirations: modern contemporary kitchen with geometric rug in a lot of colors.


Add a spark of joy to your kitchen with a colorful geometric rugs like the ISAAC. Using brilliant colors like yellow, blue, lush green, and pastel pink will enhance your mood. You can also add natural accents such a marbled counter table. Keep it fresh, simple and colorful.

a contemporary geometric rug with colorful shapes Rug Inspirations With Vibrant Colors


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