Silk Rugs And 7 ways to Improve Your Interior with Them

Silk Rugs are soft, elegant, and add a luxurious feel to any interior. Silk is a material that wears better than any other carpet fabric available today. Silk rugs have a shinier sheen to them and have a glossy and delicate appearance. Wool, on the other hand, is more muted and appears to be flat.

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Silk Rugs: Are they Durable?

Despite its delicate nature, real silk is remarkably durable when it comes to using, and unlike synthetic silk, it can tolerate foot traffic without displaying wear. If you know how to care for your silk rug, it will age gracefully. Silk Rugs can store up to 30% of their weight in water and still feel dry, much like wool. It will not grow brittle when wet, unlike rayon. It is mold and mildew resistant, as well as dry rot resistant. It is a lovely type of rug to have in an interior.

Silk Rugs: Improve your Decor With These Tips

Silk Rugs: modern classic living room with neutral beige area rug


On the contrary of what people think, silk rugs do not need to be treated with such great care, they are not as delicate as one might think. They are very resistant and with this beautiful material, you can create amazing designs that will brighten up and decorate your home with style and elegance. The IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG is a stunning area rug that has a gorgeous design that will impress.

Silk Rugs imperial snake rug, a neutral area rug.


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Silk Rugs: modern kitchen decor and hallway with black and white rug

The black and white VALENCIA RUG is a gorgeous item that will complement your modern interior beautifully. Its minimalistic design adds a sophisticated aura to any room and its silk and wool texture establishes an expensive taste for this interior.

Silk Rugs: mdoern classic home office with a prestigious white rug and suspension lights

Silk area rugs are highly appealing and are gaining popularity all around the world. They can’t be replaced by any other type of rug. Different techniques, such as teal and taupe, are used to create these rugs all over the world. The WHITE GARDEN RUG is a dazzling item and with its neutral colors it will match with any room furniture.

Silk Rugs: modern classic halllway decor with green pastel rug


Silk rugs come in a variety of sizes and styles. Most significantly, these are multi-color carpets that coordinate with the rest of your home’s decor. You can’t go wrong with silk rugs or any of the other rugs that have recently been available. The NEPTUNO RUG is a gorgeous rug that brings balance and harmony to this room thanks to its unique design and colors dyed by hand.

Silk Rugs contemporary area rug in tones of green with sea inspirations


Silk Rugs: Amazing Rugs For Your Home

Silk Rugs: blue area rug for the living room with armchair and wall lights

Create an impressive living room design with the EYE RUG. Its soft texture thanks to the silk and wool materials makes it easy to establish a cozy and chic interior. The blue hues of the rug also bring a relaxing ambiance and freshen up this interior design.

Silk Rugs with a oval irregular rug and round mirror with a console.

The silk fibers thanks to their stretchability, can be given different shapes, this allows for amazing rug designs. The MERMAID RUG is so gorgeous with its oval and irregular shape. Its light beige and orange colors also bring a harmonious and soft ambiance to any room.

Silk Rugs. modern black and white rug with wooden console and round mirror.


Silk rugs tend to have more complex designs since they are a material more difficult to work with than wool, Every design will be made by hand resulting in more complicated patterns. Silk carpets are so beautiful and well-made that most owners hang them on the wall rather than place them on the floor. The COUPLE RUG for instance, is a dashing piece with 2 birds embracing each other with a complex design.

Silk Rugs couple rug - black and white rug with a touch of gold


In order to keep your rug is good condition, regularly vacuum your silk rugs. Vacuum the rug at least twice a week with a vacuum cleaner with a brushless suction head. Using a delicate brush, sweep the silk rug. To avoid hurting the rug’s fibers, sweep it carefully. You can also give the rug a good shake.

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