Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

Today we present fantastic Living Room Carpet Ideas designed by Sjb Interiors, located in Sydney, Australia.

SJB is a built-environment leader, creating intelligent solutions that engage, activate, and serve those who utilize them. As experts, we recognize the need of collaborating with others to uncover possibilities and optimize design outputs, which includes cooperation with clients, communities, and user stakeholders.

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Living Room Carpet Ideas

SJB has the knowledge and experience to create designs that are logical, practicable, sturdy, suitable for the purpose, as well as new and life-enhancing. They incorporate sustainability into their work and provide urban and design solutions that arise from the environments in which they operate and the demands of the people they serve.

SJB Interiors realizes their clients’ objectives for interiors that must fulfil a variety of features and characteristics: bold, fashionable, thrilling, inventive, impressive, dramatic, energising, efficient, comfy, cocooning, and tranquil.

Living Room Carpet Ideas

SJB Interiors designs innovative places that draw attention while also providing comfort and enjoyment. Their multi-award-winning projects have a timeless character while remaining fresh and modern. SJB Interiors is a well-known design leader.
They have a diversified portfolio of work in Australia and throughout the world.

1 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Clark House

As the property is of high architectural value, SJB worked for two and a half years with Heritage Victoria and Council to ensure that all components of the heritage home were properly conserved and appreciated. The stark white façade, ironwork columns, and timber fretwork are all significant features of the property. The home is separated between the front of the house and the rear of the house, with two large rooms on both the ground and higher levels.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

2 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Cleveland Rooftop

The layout of the residence is based on linkages to the sky. The layout is punctuated by a number of skylights, which provide light to the entry lobby, toilets, and internalised hallway. Furthermore, a deep cut inside the living area punctuates the design, bringing the environment into the home and aiding in the dissolution of the interior/exterior border.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

3 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Peninsula Residence

Glossy crimson echoes openly from the kitchen to the powder room and the covered internal stairs leading to the top terrace. Burnt oranges, bright greens, and sombre blues enliven calm interiors and work well with modern furnishings. As a consequence, the room is bold and unconstrained, but more importantly, it is liveable, tactile, and comforting.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

4 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Esplanade

The design team’s goal was to match the architecture’s contemporary, aggressive aesthetics with a complementing interior plan that included materials and furniture chosen for their sculptural shape and luxury comfort.
General entertaining/dining areas, a kitchen that serves as a food demonstration venue, a theatre, and a basement with a wine cellar, bar, and full-sized pool table are among the key interior spaces. The basement bar is reminiscent of a gentleman’s club. This room is dark and sombre, with finely crafted woodwork, and is a destination point away from the family zones above.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

5 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Sydney Harbour Residence

Living rooms are traditional and big, warm and inviting, but they also convey a feeling of optimism and vision. The dwelling is pleasant and cosy in terms of material. The chilly grey of the granite flooring and columns, combined with the warmth of the limed spotted-gum ceilings, give the space a sense of relaxation and tranquillity, while the room’s bulk and size give it a sense of importance. Textured walls made of natural materials add a sense of quality, warmth, and familiarity to the building.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

6 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Melbourne Penthouse

This penthouse apartment is positioned on the top floor of a new multi-residential / mixed purpose complex in Melbourne’s northeast, with a panoramic view of the city’s prominent landmarks. The customer brief called for the consolidation of two flats into one big functional space, resulting in flexible apartment living that accommodates the lifestyle of living, entertaining, and working from home.
White marbles, luxurious carpets, polished plaster finishes, unique panelled wall treatments, black steel, and fluted glass provide shine and texture throughout.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

7 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Arco Residence

A stunning and careful refurbishment transforms an ancient Tudor style historic property into a fashionable residence with Mediterranean characteristics. The property, which stands above the Yarra River, is divided into four floors, each with its own separate zone for large-scale events, family areas, and quiet places for individual thought.

The restoration paid homage to the home’s Tudor-style origins, with the final design resulting in a timeless combination of European and Mediterranean influences. Majestic and contemporary areas coexist harmoniously, putting life back into this magnificent family home.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

8 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Toorak Estate

This 1920s-style home’s makeover provides a new spin on the values of light and workmanship. The design is inspired by the original home’s beauty and has been extensively refurbished with contemporary contrasts to its existing characteristics.
The geometric pattern that extends through the house from the kitchen’s highlight skylight to the wide sliding doors is one such experiment. It’s also visible in the two custom-designed fireplaces made of polished black Marquina marble. The use of bevelled mirrors enhances these beautiful and magnificent components.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

9 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Collingwood Residence

In response to the residence’s macho and stubborn backdrop, a single floor room was constructed. The angled facade serves as a trademark inspiration for the bespoke joinery, while the monochrome palette, premium finishes, and vibrant colours provide depth and individuality.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

10 – Living Room Carpet Ideas – Bayside Residence

The interiors of the house were designed to be nonconventional, organic, and functional for an adventurous and dynamic family. The home, which has three levels, takes up most of the double lot. The house is a fantastic study in contrasts between bare architecture and imposing handmade furnishings.

Living Room Carpet Ideas by Sjb Interiors

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