Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

Contemporary area rugs can be a fantastic way to turn your living room into a dashing interior. Make your living room a completely outstanding space thanks to the most beautiful artistic rugs designed by Rug’Society. They have the finest luxurious rugs. Let our selection of contemporary rugs inspire you for your future interior projects.

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Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

The Most Beautiful Contemporary Area Rugs For The Living Room

Elevate your living room interior with an amazing rug that has a beautiful and unique design. From a minimalist style to a more abstract and colorful pattern, there is a lot to choose from. Check the selection of contemporary area rugs we have selected for you.

Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs

Modern contemporary living room with Snake rug in green and Supernova chandelier and round center table in with a marbled pattern

The Snake Rug is one of the prettiest contemporary area rugs with its green tones and snake design. It brings color to the room and turns it more welcoming. The center round table completes the look and grants an air of prestige to the room with its marbled texture.

luxurious living room with couple rug and bourbon black velvet sofa with gold round hanging lights

Contemporary area rugs in monochrome colors are perfect for an elegant interior. The Couple Rug with its touch of gold match with the legs of the center table and the edge of the Bourbon velvet Sofa,

Modern classic living room with Imperial snake rug ,supernova lights and imperfectio sofa and armchair

A luxurious living room with the Imperial Snake Rug and the Imperfectio sofa and armchairs. This is a gorgeous interior design with neutral colors and golden details. The Supernova chandelier completes the look.


Modern living room with Air rug in different shades of gray.

Modern contemporary area rugs such as the Air rug are perfect for a sober interior. This rug offers effortless elegance with its gray tones. This is a delightful living room with a minimalist design.

Contemporary living room with the amazing dêco rug and gray sofa with edge in brass and Koi side table.

The Dêco rug is one of the most unique contemporary area rugs with a lovely design that is unmatched and an irregular shape that stands out. The tones of this rug also make it easy to match with any type of furniture, either modern, contemporary or classic.


Home'Society Magazine First Issue. Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room
modern elegant living room with Valencia Rug in gold and black and white. black center table and white fitzroy sofa

This modern living room has a beautiful rug design with the amazing Valencia Rug in black, white and golden colors. modern contemporary area rugs such as this one are perfect to fit into a monochrome and classy interior. The golden part of the rug brings prestige and a luxurious aura.

classic living room with Savana rug and gold center table with gray sofa and Supernova lights

A mesjestic living room with a monochrome striped area rug and golden center table and hanging light. The gray sofa brings balance to this room and a sense of serenity. The Savana Rug is a beautiful rug with a touch of color that reminds us of nature.

mid-century living room with Simba Rug with a geometric pattern and wooden center table and brown velvet armchairs

A sober living room with earth-tones, the Simba Rug has a beautiful design with a geometric pattern and warm colors. This makes it the perfect rug for a cozy and warm interior.


Modern living room in tones of blue  with the beautiful eye rug.

This is a fresh and modern living room in blue tones which creates a sense of peace and tranquility in this interior. The Eye rug with its circular pattern catches our eye.

Elegant classy living room with Black Ink Rug and gray sofa with supernova light and marbled center table

The Black Ink Rug is a fabulous piece and one of the best contemporary area rugs. This rug brigtens this living room and turns it into an elegant and prestigious interior.

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Contemporary Area Rugs For A Stunning Living Room

Mid-century living room with black and white rug, yellow armchairs and blue walls.

A bright and colorful living room with a interesting contemporary rug in black and white. This room stands out for its bold blue walls and yellow armchairs. This is a outstanding interior design.

Modern classic living room with golden armchairs, center table, side table and golden hanging lights

A lovely modern living room with gray tones and a huge area rug. This interior is full of golden details, either it is on the side tables, armchairs, center tables or the chandeliers which turns this interior into a luxurious living room.

White living room with white area rug, white hanging lights and white sofa

White contemporary rugs such as this one are beautiful and bring a cozy vibe to any interior. The hanging lights bring a touch of modernity for their design and pair nicely with the center tables. The white sofa matches with the rest of the room and the gray armchair creates a contrast and brings some depth to the room.

contemporary living room with gray sofa and area rug

A contemporary living room in tones of gray with an area rug and a gray sofa, The colorful pillows bring a touch of color and make this room more interesting to the eye. The black modern chandelier is the focal point of this room and brings an elegant vibe,

Classic living room with round Cauca rug, white sofa and green arnchair

The round Cauca rug is a great classic rug to enhance the beauty of your living room interior. This rug matches nicely with a monochrome palette and creates a effortless elegant look.

Modern living room with luxurious Xisto Rug, gold center table and round mirror

A luxurious living room with the fabulous Xisto rug, one of the chicest contemporary area rugs. This room is elegant thanks to the golden details of the rug and center table as well as the round mirror. The lights of the mirror shine upon the white sofa which stands out for its bright color.

Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

A nice contemporary living room with an area rug that has an interesting pattern. The center tables are beautiful and highlight the pattern of the rug.

Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

This living room has a beautiful rug with a stylish design. Contemporary area rugs in neutral tones can easily feel invisible in a colorful room except when they have a pattern like this ona that stands out and catches our eye as soon as we step into the room.

Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room
Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

This is a gorgeous living room with two area rugs with a geometric pattern that looks beautiful from this view. The colors of the rugs match with the armchairs and sofas which create a perfect harmony. It is a delightful living room interior.

Artistic Contemporary Area Rugs That Will Transform Your Living Room

A modern and elegant living room with a gray rug. This room has different shapes that transform this interior into a interesting design. The gray colors make it a timeless interior that will resits through time.

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