Closet Rugs, The Luxury At Your Feet

Closet Rugs are the key element of every dressing room. This home division deserves all your attention and love, so why not decorate it with a handmade rug made with natural materials and a unique design? Discover some of the best closet designs and the rugs that complete their looks.

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This luxurious closet is everything we can dream of. The gold element is the key to creating sparkle and glamourous room interior promising to make you feel powerful every morning. The Couple rug is a warm and luxurious rug that brings a sense of romanticism and magic to the ambiance.


The simple design and the black tones of this luxurious closet create a minimalist ambiance and make us feel more focused on ourselves. The Air geometric rug comes to open the tones of the room and with its different reliefs, creates a three-dimensional graphic design.

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The flawless combination between the lights and colors of Joh rug made it the perfect piece to integrate this mid-century closet, by merging outstandingly in the dark tones and golden touches.

Closets are the perfect place to prepare yourself for a new day. It showcases your personality and is also a reference to a small private room, an inner sanctum within a much larger house. The Isaac rug comes to bring fun and color and the unusual combination of its rug design makes it a provocative and attention-grabbing rug unlike any other.


Closet Rugs are easily the extra little helper we need when getting ready either in the morning, for a big and special event, or just a place to sit and relax after a self-caring bath. The Imperial Snake rug inspired by the snake is perfect to complete the look of this neutral closet. 

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